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We Help Everyday People Make Money Through Real Estate

Home Flipping Workshop students are making $40k to $100k per deal! And that’s only the beginning of what is possible. Home Flipping is your gateway into generating wealth in real estate… and nearly anyone can do it!

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Glenn & Amber Schworm have flipped over 1,100… but it all started with one! Today, they are teaching you exactly how to do it the right way!

The Top Home Flipping Education in the US

Home Flipping Workshop

The most proven house flipping system handed to you on a silver platter. Master the art of spotting prime locations and predicting profitability and in the process, build a solid investment portfolio.

Home Flipping Workshop is the first stop in your real estate investment adventure — but it is not your final destination! Learn everything you need to know to turn real estate into generational wealth!

Real People with Real Results

The Home Flipping Workshop formula is optimized to position students to turn between $40k-$100k within two deals. If you are willing to work the formula can work for you, too! 

Hear testimonies from our students sharing exactly what they stand to profit within their flips!

*See real home flipping success stories.

The Beginners Intro Course to Home Flipping

Home Flipping is incredibly lucrative, straightforward to understand, and the easiest way to get into real estate investing.

Our free Intro Course takes you beyond the bright lights of TV shows and gives you a true depiction of what it takes to flip in a way that is profitable.

Home Flipping Workshop Intro Course

Flipping Houses Brings Freedom to People Just Like You

You Can Do It Too!

Yes, There Is A Formula to follow for

Successful Home Flipping

You should stand to profit at least $40k in your first flip but only if you do it the right way!

*This free course is your head start into profitable house flipping.

Do you have a house flipping goal?

The first two home flips should produce between $50k to $100k in profit… if you do it right. When you avoid costly mistakes, unnecessary delays, and have a strong flipping playbook to follow you can net a life-changing amount of money with just two flips.

HWF Finished Home | Schenectady, NY

Do you have what it takes to start investing in real estate?

The best news about real estate is generating wealth comes down to two things: motivation & a proven system. 

Home Flipping Workshop is the proven system so the question is, do you have what it takes to get started?

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Home Flipping Isn't Your Final Destination

The Truth About Home Flipping Workshop

House flipping is incredibly lucrative and offers a pathway to financial freedom. We love flipping houses. But we don’t want to teach you how to flip houses… we want to teach you how to become a real estate investor and flipping houses is the perfect way to become a real estate investor.

Home flipping is your gateway into real estate investment and true generational wealth, financial legacy, and personal freedom.

Home flipping is where the adventure begins and is just one vehicle to get you to the final destination of your dreams!  

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Insights for Home Flipping Success

Home Flipping Is Incredibly Lucrative...

If you do it the right way.

Use our house flipping formula and the profits will follow. That’s what you want and we want that for you, too!

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