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Home Flipping Workshop 3-DAY EVENT

SUBJECT: 3 Days to Change Your Life
SUBHEADER: What Are You Looking For?

Looking for any of these, <name>?

✅Financial freedom?
✅Passive Income?
✅Time With Loved Ones?

Of course you are. I am too. The best thing I ever did to move toward achieving them was taking Glenn & Amber’s 3 Day Home Flipping Workshop.

It’s 3 days that focus on “Finding, Funding, Fixing, Flipping & Holding”. By the end of it I knew how to Invest Without Using any of my Own Money or Credit (!) and am positioned to make upwards of $50,000… PER DEAL.

You’ll definitely be making strides toward your financial goals with that!

There’s actually a new session starting soon, and you can reserve your spot for just $59!

You’re looking to increase your finances. This is the way to do it.


Home Flipping Workshop 3-DAY EVENT

SUBJECT: Do You Know the Value of Your Deal?
SUBHEADER: I have something for you.

<name>, there are plenty of variables when it comes to determining value in Flipping a Home for Profit.

You need to think about repair costs. Dumpsters. Permits. Architects. Inspections. And so many more hidden expenses that can really add up.

Don’t worry. I got you.

I’m giving you a link to download Glenn & Amber’s FREE Home Flipping Evaluator NOW. It provides you with a checklist that you need to be able to properly assess all the predictable expenses when it comes to Flipping a Home.


I use it all the time. It’s simple and it cuts to the chase, but it makes it easy to see exactly how to assess a property that’s in front of you to find out if it’s worth your investment.

Baby steps are what it takes! This is such a great first one.


Home Flipping Formula Preview WEBINAR

SUBJECT: We All Need a Financial Mentor
SUBHEADER: Mine Make Millions

<name>, let me introduce you to Glenn & Amber Schworm.

They started flipping homes in 2007 with $80,000 worth of credit card debt. Today they’ve flipped over 800 homes and have made millions upon millions of dollars through Real Estate.

Truly the best. And what’s better is they are offering their mentorship, FOR FREE!!


Their Home Flipping Workshop gives you the opportunity to use the tools that they have put into place over the last 15 years for yourself. They have helped thousands of members flip homes for an average of $50,000 in profit… per flip.

This webinar is free for a limited time, but you will need to go ahead and reserve your spot right away. I’ve learned from experience that they fill up fast, so be sure to lock that in while you can!


Glenn and Amber FREE BOOK

SUBJECT: Free Book for YOU!
SUBHEADER: The Playbook for Real Estate Success

<name>, don’t you think everyone deserves a chance at building wealth and experiencing freedom?

I do. I’ve been lucky enough to have the chance to read Glenn & Amber’s Playbook and have been floored by the incredible secrets and formulas it contains for finding success in the Real Estate Market.

And what’s wild is they’re offering it right now… for FREE. You just have to pay shipping.

It comes with:

An INTRO to Home Flipping, where you’ll learn the top 14 ways to make a deal without using your own credit. ($199 value)
AND The Home Flipping Evaluator: Direct tools for determining the financial benefits of a flip ($99 value)
You’re getting over $300 worth of value, and you’re just paying the $13.99 for shipping & handling (US only).


Intro to Home Flipping COURSE

SUBJECT: You CAN Break Into Home Flipping
SUBHEADER: It’s How Regular People Make MILLIONS

<name>, it can feel super intimidating.

Getting into Home Flipping can feel scary if you aren’t sure where to start. You know it’s making regular people millions of dollars, but how?

Here’s How. Glenn & Amber Shworm’s FREE Intro to Home Flipping Course.

Glenn & Amber have made millions flipping homes, and are now teaching others how to do exactly the same. This course teaches:

• 14 Ways to fund a Deal

• How to Flip Homes Profitably

• Where to Find Lucrative Off-Market Deals

• Where to Buy & Hold Properties without being a landlord

• How to Flip Without any Money Or Funding

• How to Earn Consistent Cash Flow

It’s Free, too.

Wait, I don’t think I quite emphasized that enough… For the people in the back:


That’s Better.

Don’t miss the chance to take this free course and get started on your journey to making some serious cash.


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Home Flipping Workshop 3-DAY EVENT

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Home Flipping Formula Preview WEBINAR

Glenn and Amber FREE BOOK

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