Are You Feeling Stuck?

Glenn and Amber Schworm, co-founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, know how it feels to be stuck and, most importantly, how to pull yourself out.

Their new video, Are You Feeling Stuck, will help you recognize your potential and revitalize your passion for real estate investing. 

Today’s new opportunities in the real estate market can breathe financial life into your portfolio. The goal is to know that those new challenges and opportunities can turn into profits.

Never lose sight of your “why.” 

Glen and Amber’s theory is to assess your current situation because your growth depends on your next move and why you are making it.


Your inability to move forward could stem from several reasons. The most common of them is lack of funding.

Funding is what makes an investment deal happen. Finances are enough to shake you out of your stuck phase.

Another aspect that gets entrepreneurs stuck is complacency, which stunts your growth. It will have you missing many opportunities to grow your wealth.

Being stuck will spoil your momentum and ruin your previous thrill of real estate investing. You need to identify what is keeping you stuck so you can move past it. 


Self-sabotage is what happens when you stay in your head. Like a hamster on a wheel, your thoughts are constantly moving but going nowhere. 

You need to refocus and keep things moving forward. Implement different business models that will help you grow your business.

Build momentum by bouncing around innovative ideas. Getting a new perspective can keep you from deviating off course. 

What matters is your mindset. Your mental attitude to reach your goal depends on your determination and efforts.

Your thoughts will determine the outcome of your success. Get out of your head and stay focused on your passion for real estate.

There is a phase in real estate that is known as the recession. This phase is when the market takes an economic downturn.

During this phase, people tend to take their feet off the gas and lose their momentum. Lack of momentum is not suitable for a real estate business.

This phase is unpredictable and can last a long time. Investors must stay vigilant in hopes of finding good opportunities.

The recession phase can be a gloomy outlook depending on your situation. Do not get stuck on the negative part of the real estate phase.

The recession phase can also bring about a few benefits, such as:

  • Lower Mortgage Interest Rates – creates opportunities for lower borrowing.
  • Increased Home Values – financial growth down the road.
  • Lower Home Prices – can sometimes cause a drop in pricing.
  • Less Competition – other buyers are not in a good funding position.
  • Room For Negotiation – anxious sellers.
  • Prices are known to be lower during a recession. Understanding your financial situation is key to investing.


    Getting tech savvy is one way to keep your head out of the clouds and keep you from feeling stuck in your business. Technology is the future for real estate investors. 

    Getting into the technical landscape, such as the social media platforms, can keep you relevant. Innovative practices can open more offers, options, and opportunities for your business.

    Technology, such as social media will keep you involved more in your business because you are growing your content. 

    You do not have time to get stuck or stagnant because of the persistently needed interaction.

    Many social media platforms are available and widely used, and suitable for your business, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • The real estate market has embraced fast-paced technology as the world becomes digitally absorbed.

    We know that the unexpected could happen, and the fear of failure could set in and make you feel paralyzed. Push yourself to reboot.


    It would help if you rekindle your passion for real estate to continue to grow. If you are enthusiastic, then you feel inspired.

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