Don’t Live In The Past

Beating yourself up over a wrong decision is not the answer. Instead, you spend days, weeks, and even years thinking about what you would have, could have, or should have

Frustrated in Your Flip?

Even the most experienced investors will get frustrated from time to time by the most common house-flipping mistakes. It is critically important that you understand the significance of not giving

Three Ways To Get Started In Real Estate

It’s not uncommon for people interested in real estate investing to get anxious and question their abilities. Where do I start? When should I start? How much money do I need? Do these questions

Post-Recession, The Flip Makes a Comeback

Glenn and Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, are making a comeback despite the post-recession. They are using a unique technique of  flipping houses to do so that was

How to Start a Home Flipping Business

House flipping has become popular over the past decade because HGTV created rehab shows. They highlight an excellent opportunity for financial profit, causing amateurs to jump into the industry. As a

Top Four Books Every Real Estate Investor Should Read

Glenn and Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, know the importance of furthering their education through literacy. The best real estate investors are constantly reading to educate themselves further.