Doing Real Estate Flips Quickly Will Make You Money Quickly

Glenn and Amber Schworm, co-founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, know what it takes to make money quickly by flipping real estate.

Take a quick moment to listen to Glenn and Amber’s video titled Doing Real Estate Flips Quickly Will Make You Money Quickly, and get a few valuable tips about growing your financial portfolio.

People are always asking how much money they can make flipping property. Remember that it depends on a few factors. One of the main factors hinges on where you buy and sell your flips. 

Specific markets are more profitable than other markets, but in about every market, there is competition.


The time between buying and selling a property could vary from a few months to a year. People want to know how much money they can make flipping property.

That is why time is money when you are flipping for profit. Keep things moving forward, and do not take long to make those critical decisions. 

When flipping houses, the longer you take, the more money you are losing. Remember, the goal is to profit, so knowing how to flip the property is crucial. 

Avoiding those emotional connections with the property can keep your cost low. Avoiding significant repairs and renovation will reduce time and how long you hold on to a property.  You also do not want to over-build for the area your property is in.

You can incur a lot of hidden costs holding property with unnecessary extensions. 


Most flippers concentrate on visual and appealing things. But the focus needs to be on what the market is saying and your knowledge of the market.

There is something in real estate called holding costs. Holding costs are the fees for owning a property. The longer you hold on to the property, the longer you will need to pay them.

Holding costs are those hidden costs that are considered a liability, such as;

  • Monthly mortgage payments
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Utilities
  • Security
  • As each month passes, your return will decrease because of these hidden costs. The only workaround would be to flip quickly to make money fast.


    You can become so intrigued with flipping properties and making quick money that you’ll overlook other hidden costs. So stay focused on the end goal.

    Consider what you have already accounted for, the purchase, renovation, and repairs, selling at a high price, and your profit. 

    In addition to those expenses, buying costs will include title fees, attorney fees, inspection fees, and recording fees. Each of these costs is essential for making sure that there are no claims, any hazards and all paperwork concerning the purchase is in order.

    Repair costs include permits to help you pass inspections, a professional to remove hazardous materials, landscaping costs for curb appeal to help sell the property, and insurance for any accidental occurrences.

    Look to sell your property fast to avoid all of these and other expenses to increase your profit quickly.


    Having a budget and sticking to it is one of the ways to keep money in your pocket. Saving on materials, shopping at outlets, refurbished products, and finding exclusive offers will save you money.

    These tips can increase your chances of staying within and finishing below your budget. It will increase your profit when you sell the property quickly.

    When you have found a property, you are willing to buy, move quickly, and do not hesitate. The quicker you buy and flip, the quicker you will earn the expected revenue you anticipated. 

    A definite timeline is essential to staying on budget and keeping your total costs low. There are plenty of ways to save money by flipping property with speed.

    This process will require you to supervise the timelines of your project.


    Managing a flip project requires knowledge and planning to be successful. Most of the frequent mistakes made are underestimating the project and timeline.

    On the other hand, you can also overestimate your knowledge of the market and the skills it takes to succeed.

    It would help if you were analyzing the market. The market will let you know when it is a suitable time to buy and buy quickly. 

    Have a dependable team ready to work. After obtaining the property, you should be prepared to fix, renovate, and flip the house. 

    Time is money. Having a plan and a timeline is essential to keeping your budget and cost low.

    Quick flips and quick money are what all flippers want. That is why flipping property is a competitive business. 

    You want the property you can buy, turn around, and make a profit when doing flips. Everyone wants in on this wealth building concept.

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