Don’t Listen to Naysayers

Naysayers are well known to Glenn and Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshop. They have encountered their fair share of cynical people in the real estate industry. However, they have learned to focus on their goals and not listen to negativity.

Many people know that starting a business brings about naysayers. It is part of running a business. 

There will always be someone who will try to shut you down because you dared to start your own business. 

People who spew negativity and disparaging words toward your hopes and dreams have a willingness to try to deter you from your goal. That can only happen if you give in to them. 

This video from Glenn Schworm titled, Don’t Listen to NaySayers, will give you the encouragement to stop the noise and concentrate on the result of success.

Perhaps you have already discovered your niche in real estate investing. Maybe you have purchased when told that it was not a good time to buy and realized that your push-through and determination fueled your motivation.

It’s important to continue on the right path of identifying the constructive criticism of motivators as opposed to the negativity of naysayers. 

Motivators vs. Naysayers

“It is the worst time to buy” is always the battle cry of naysayers. According to them, is there ever a good time to buy? 

Pessimism is like a poison that plagues failures. 

Are you letting poisonous people prevent you from exploring a positive business venture? Sometimes you need to stop listening and start executing. Once you have done your research yourself, you’ll know what to do.

Real estate is a sound investment, and it may never be the wrong time to invest. You can reap the rewards that come with good timing and solid strategies.

Strategy and timing is determined by you, not the market or economy. 

When investing, you put your money to work now to have more money later. You buy property directly and make money from that property by renting to be able to buy more property. 

The process sounds simple, but simple is not always easy.

Five Real Estate Properties, 5 Negative Comments

Having a plan and being organized can lower the volume of naysayers. Knowing the different property types will help you make sound investment decisions as you plan to make your first purchase.

The following are various strategies you can use to invest in real estate:

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Mixed-use
  • Residential property investment creates profits through rental income. It is a means of passive income, stable cash flow, and tax advantage. 

    NaySayers: “You will never get your rent, especially not on time!”

    Commercial property is a good investment opportunity. This property is leased out for business or retail purposes and offers a greater financial return. 

    Naysayers: “This is not a good area for a business.”

    Industrial properties are more like warehouse space, implying longer leases that generate stable income for years. 

    Naysayers: “Nobody will rent a warehouse from you.”

    Retail property investments are tied to the consumer, making them unsteady investments. In good times the stock is high. In troubled times, the stock can crash. 

    Naysayers: “No one is going into stores to shop; they are shopping online.”

    The mixed-Use property encompasses connecting properties such as live/workspace, residential /office space, residential/commercial space, or hotel/fitness space. 

    There is no limit to the types of space to include. Mixed-use properties can often generate long-term and higher returns. 

    Naysayers: “You are no Warren Buffett.”

    It is essential to know your market. Not only is the success of your purchase influenced by the decisions you make based on the market, but you naysayers can have a significant impact. 

    The Naysayer Slayer

    There are some key ways to deal with the naysayers around you.

    1. Reduce contact: Do not show interest or entertain someone else’s fears and hang-ups about your goals.
    2. Don’t be frightened: Just because naysayers fear making decisions does not mean you need to live in that inhibited space with them.
    3. Stop listening: Ignore what people tell you about their opinion of what you should or should not be doing. Instead, stick to your plans and do what you set out to do.

    Avoid caring too much about what those people are saying. Protect your goals and dreams by protecting your mind and ambitions. They are too precious to let others contaminate.

    Do not let negative words resonate with you. 

    If welcomed advice or unsolicited input is not from a place of encouragement, validation, or motivation, those words are not for you.

    Have faith in yourself and believe that you deserve the type of success that real estate investing has to offer. 

    Reserve your energy for building a successful business and not for debating with naysayers.

    Dealing with Family Members That Are Naysayers

    When the naysayer is a family member, the bite stings more than if it was a stranger. You tend to listen objectively and avoid being defensive about what they say. 

    When it comes from family, you start evaluating the concerns. Afterward, you’ll find yourself second guessing your decisions.

    The people that are closest to us will have a significant influence on our lives and what we do. Well-meaning criticism can breathe in uncertainty. 

    Family can make you feel like you want to put your hopes and dreams under your pillow and keep dreaming.

    The Ultimate Fix for Coping with Naysayers

    Do not try changing naysayers. Shift your focus to your goals and business strategies and focus on what you hope to achieve. 

    Join Glenn and Amber Schworm at their upcoming Home Flipping Workshop. 

    You will learn more about dealing with the naysayers in your life, what it means to become a real estate investor, and much more. 

    You will know where and how to start and continue moving forward. With this 3-day course, we will help you to leave nothing left to chance.  

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