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Home Flipping Evaluator Worksheet

The Home Flipping Evaluator from Glenn and Amber Schworm

The Home Flipping Evaluator

Discover What Every Real Estate Deal is Really Worth

Spot the deal and TAKE THE DEAL just like top real estate investors. If you don’t seize the opportunity fast, someone else will!

*This is the edge you've been waiting for...

Now is the time to pounce!

After flipping and holding over 1100 houses and counting, we’ve developed this awesome tool to help you easily estimate your numbers so you can be totally confident when making offers.

With our Home Flipping Evaluator, you’ll be more prepared to jump on a hot deal before anyone else realizes what a great investment opportunity it is!

Keep Track of Comparable Properties

Learn how much all aspects of the home will cost you if they need to be repaired or replaced

See what you’ll need to spend on demos, cleanouts, and dumpsters

Account for how much you’ll need to budget for city permits and architects

Figure out how many professional inspections and quotes you’ll need

Not only will the Home Flipping Evaluator help you keep track of costs associated with ALL aspects of the property, it will do all the heavy lifting to give you the confidence you need to make an offer FAST.

About Glenn & Amber

We’ve been selling and buying houses for over a decade and made a killer fortune. Our business, Signature Home Buyers, crossed the multi-million dollar line by 2012 and we’ve been going strong ever since. Now we want to give our knowledge back to people who want that same life path.

Replace Uncertainty with Concrete Figures... No Fear!

If you’re ready to access a tool that will ensure you’re taking EVERYTHING into account—even after repair value features—then the Home Flipping Evaluator is what you need!

Grab yours now and we’ll include a full training video that walks you through exactly how to use this amazing tool.

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