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Investing in Real Estate is a FORMULA.

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Take a serious look at your bank account. Your savings. Your investments. Your 401K.

Do you have enough to take the vacation you desperately want, guilt-free?
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In This Training You'll Learn:

14 Ways To Fund A Deal
How to Flip Homes Profitably Without Putting Your Own Money Up Front
Exactly Where To Find Lucrative Off-Market Deals To Give You An Advantage
How You Can Buy and Hold Properties Without Being a Landlord (yep, it's possible!)
How TO Use Our NO-Flip Flipping Method TO Make Money Without Any Funding Needed How to Earn Consistent Monthly Cash Flow

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We’re the creators of the Home Flipping Workshop. We started our career in real estate investing out of sheer desperation. We were in $80 K of credit card debt and needed to make large chunks of cash to get out from under it. In 2007 we flipped our first house and made $17,000. On our second flip, we profited $33,000 in 33 days. That’s when we knew we were on to something.

We always wanted to help people, so when we proved the model, we set out to do just that by offering and teaching our successful formula. We want to show other people how to change their lives like we changed ours through Real Estate Investing. We’ve now flipped over 800 houses and counting. We didn’t have a formal education in real estate investing, but our knowledge comes from hands-on real-life experience, the school of hard knocks, and a strong desire for a better life for ourselves and our family.

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