Get Your Property Appraised and Refinanced So You Can Pay Off Your Lenders

Get an appraisal to focus on paying off your lenders. Refinancing property typically requires an appraisal. It is the assurance that any loan obtained is not for more than what the property’s value is worth.

Glenn and Amber Schworm’s recent video, Get Your Property Appraised and Refinanced So You Can Pay Off Your Lenders, is phenomenal. The video illustrates how owning property can help you pay your lenders. 

Improvements to property or changes to the market’s condition would warrant a refinancing appraisal. It lets you see where you stand in obtaining or being able to pay back a loan.


For all parties, including buyers, lenders, and sellers, appraisals are necessary and beneficial. A property assessment provides the most accurate value of the home and allows you to make a sound decision.

The appraisal process is also essential for obtaining a loan and will determine the loan amount. The appraisal evaluates several factors.

  • Age of Property
  • Comparable sales
  • Location
  • Square Footage
  • Preparing for an appraisal is as simple as having an agent that knows what is needed for the property to be presentable. The appraiser evaluates the property in its current condition without bias. 

    The appraisal of the property is vital to the sale. 


    Homeowners seek refinancing options for many reasons, and using their property to help improve their financial situations is the leading reason. Refinancing options benefit people under the following circumstances:

  • Better and Lower Rates
  • Cash Need
  • Change the Term of a Loan – from 30 years to a 15-year mortgage.
  • Change the Type of Loan – adjustable to fixed-rate or vice versa.
  • Income Change
  • Interest Rates Decrease
  • Removal of a Co-Signer from the Loan.
  • You can refinance for various motives, with every reason being beneficial for you. When refinancing, the lender must examine your credit, debt, and payment history while reviewing your current income.


    Initially, refinancing can be a confusing experience. However, you will work alongside the lender, who will help you through the process. 

    It is not necessarily mandatory that you work with the original lender. Your priorities may have changed, and a new lender may offer better rates and terms. 


    Being a real estate investor means that you aim to build a financial business. Starting with creating a real estate investment portfolio that will produce cash flow.

    Educating yourself on becoming a real estate investor is vital to growing a successful business. Also, educating yourself will prevent you from making unnecessary mistakes.

    Building your rental portfolio strengthens your investment strategy by enhancing your choices in properties you purchase. You must identify properties that improve your portfolio and grow your business faster.

    Experienced real estate investors are always looking to diversify their portfolios, which makes rental properties worthwhile. There is lucrative potential for investors. 


    The loan on your property will most likely be the most prolonged investment. As a result, borrowers often search for ways to pay off and eliminate their most costly bills. Exploring the best options depends on your financial situation. 

    Paying off your loan is not a one-size-fits-all decision. However, not being tied to a loan will give you a sense of freedom to do things such as: 

  • Disposable Cash
  • Hobby Money
  • Improve Creditworthiness
  • Investing Money
  • No More Payments
  • Owning Your Property
  • Peace Of Mind
  • Saving Money
  • Travel Money
  • Once you have paid off your loan, maintain records showing proof that your loan is completely paid and fully satisfied. A certificate of satisfaction will arrive for your records. 

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