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Amanda Armstrong
The amount of information provided is phenomenal! if you attend the three day workshop, you will have a great understanding of your next steps. Glenn and Amber and their team are so wonderful and will give you the right information to meet your goals. This is, by far, the best real estate seminar I have ever attended. Go LIVE IT!
Ana L. Espino, Home Flipping Workshop Review, Headshot
Ana L. Espino
Great learning experience! Great team to work with. I learned things I never knew about. Thank you!
Tasha Isley
The best workshop that I have ever attended EVER...tons of valuable information, well WORTH IT...I am so motivated and inspired even more than I was before. This is 100% the real deal!!! Thank you to Glenn, Amber, your advisors, speakers, and your whole team. I have learned so much and felt the genuine care and passion that you all have in helping others to succeed.
Ana Victoria Roberts
Great information. I've been to a few 3 day courses and this one pulls me back in even though we have ADD. If we had the money, we would definitely sign up. Thank you and you give us something to live for.
All I can say is wow!!!!! I am 2 days into the Home Flipping Workshop, and it has truly been an AMAZING experience!!!! Glenn & Amber and their team has given me sooo many gems. Not only are they teaching us about Real-estate Investing, but money and retirement strategies!!! I am excited for Day 3!!!! Thank you so much for putting such care into this workshop!!!
American Wingo, Home Flipping Workshop, Headshot
America Wingo
So glad I found Glenn and Amber Schworm's Home Flipping Workshop. I have learned SOOO much in just day 1 of this 3-day workshop. They are down to earth, funny, REAL, and transparent about this lifestyle not being easy but WORTH IT. You can tell they genuinely care about seeing their students succeed. I definitely felt like I got way more value than what I paid to attend this workshop. I'm so excited to start this new chapter in my life with their coaching and guidance!
Kim Mullinix Harden
This has been a great workshop. I can’t wait for day 3, so much good information!
Stephanie Watson
If you’re on the fence hop off and do this now! I promise you won’t regret it!!! I signed up for this workshop expecting it to be more of the same. But Glenn, Amber and the team over delivered!! The workshop is worth way more than the small investment. You will learn some things that you absolutely do not know!
Les Moore
The most knowledgeable & helpful workshop I’ve attended. They offer so much in 3 days and are so motivated while doing. I can tell Glenn & Martin & his team all love what they do. I really appreciated their honesty & the color handouts & bracelet that was mailed out to me also. Even if you don’t buy the MVP coaching packet I would still recommend attending the workshop to everyone!! The best $50 I’ve ever spent!
Jo Kerr
This workshop was SUPER educational! Glenn and Amber have put in the time to deliver GREAT resources and insight to help people make real estate investing a reality quickly. Their team is AWESOME!
Cheryl Merritt
What a great couple! We love your energy and experience, very professional and engaging workshop! We recommend them to those with a purpose driven dream who need a structure to get there!
Lorrayne Romeiro
I came into this workshop blindedly, and I had NO idea what to expect. Glenn and Amber are REAL. Their team is REAL. This weekend has been the best investment I've made on myself in a very long time. To the VestorPRO team, your energy is contagious, your passion for life and improving those around you is infectious. You truly "Live It". THANK YOU!
Alan Moss, Home Flipping Workshop Review
Alan Moss
I have been around R/E for over 40 years, and these folks are BY FAR the MOST knowledgeable, helpful & friendly...offering the MOST comprehensive teaching programs found anywhere. I recommend them to anyone who wants/needs a professional, guiding hand to develop their R/E business, whether it be fix 'n flips, rentals or anything in between.
Todd Pemberton
What an AWESOME 3 days. I've taken a few 3 day real estate classes and by far this was the Absolutely the best. Glenn and team gave a great amount of information. I highly recommend this class if you are thinking about getting into the Real Estate game. They made if super fun and enjoyable. They are very knowledgeable and do not hold back on what they share. They not only teach real estate, but they teach mindset. Change your mind, change your life!
Dillon Kercher, Home Flipping Workshop Review, Headshot
Dillon Kercher
Absolutely excellent course! Each day was PACKED with information - and not just info for the sake of info, truly insightful and I can take action on what was provided. I am walking away with 15 full pages of notes and plan on revisiting these notes often. Glenn, Amber, and their entire team seem integrity driven and like they genuinely want to improve and invest in you! I highly recommend this course.
Meoshay Stanley
It's only day 2 of the workshop and I've learned SO much! Glen & Amber has a phenomenal program and provides you with everything you need to know to get your business up and running, to include an opportunity for private coaching and a team of professionals to help you along the way. I've had so many excuses on why I have't started yet, but the motivation and support from Glen & Amber have given me the tools I need to finally take the leap.....I'M READY!!!!
Debbie Pace
Attending this workshop has been the best decision I have ever made. The entire team makes you feel like you are part of their family. The information you receive is absolutely mind blowing. If you think you know everything about flipping houses or building a rental portfolio, I challenge you to invest in yourself and spend three days with this incredible team. You will not regret it. Definitely the best three days I have spent that will impact mine and my families future for years to come. JUST DO IT!!