How much money can you make flipping houses?

There is curiosity, and then there are questions. When it comes to doing business, “how much money can I make…” begs another more specific question. 

How much good do you seek to do? That’s right. The fundamental purpose behind any business is to fix a problem, improve a flawed system, or even right a wrong. 

So, the questions remain, “How much money can I make flipping houses?” Also, “How many people do you seek to help obtain quality housing?”

Each property you encounter as a real estate investor has its problems. The list is endless, really, but some of the most prevailing issues include:

  • Structural complications
  • Roofing issues
  • Plumbing malfunctions
  • Electrical challenges
  • Outdated floor plan
  • Financing troubles
  • Tax liens
  • Mold
  • Infestations of all sorts
  • Troubled landscaping
  • Outdated paint
  • Possible asbestos
  • Unfunctional HVAC
  • Again, these problems are most common in homes, but others exist. When a real estate investor approaches a problem property, they ask a series of specific questions.

    The goal is  to gauge how much good can a real estate investor do? Some of these questions include:

  • Based on what is visible and accounting for those problems existing within the walls of this home, what’s my repair estimate?
  • What’s the asking price?
  • Considering the repair estimate, what am I willing to offer?
  • How desperate is the owner?
  • Who might want to live on this property?
  • Who will need this property?
  • What will that potential buyer pay for this property?
  • Does the math make sense?
  • How much time am I willing to devote to negotiating with this owner, considering the nature of this property?

    As you might notice, these questions do not attempt to thoroughly address the question, “How much money can I make flipping houses?” 

    Instead, these questions help real estate investors gauge expectations based on particular properties.

    Afterall, the ultimate  goal is to make money.

    Flipping houses as a focused real estate investor requires one to be emotionally detached from any property yet in tune with the needs of a seller. You must also be in tune with the needs of the market. 

    Often, the two only converge when an investor is involved. 

    The successful investor will manifest the concept of doing good. When an investor makes good decisions, money inevitably follows.  

    Now, the money that follows doing good is not synonymous with receiving a gift or some unexpected lump sum. Quite the contrary is true. 

    The money that follows doing good as an investor is a reasonable expectation. In other words, the investor analyzes the property thoroughly and understands the needs of the seller and the potential needs and wants of the buyer. 

    They know the details needed to increase the profit margin and how to maintain control of the process to maximize it. 

    How much money can you make flipping houses?


    Being a real estate investor is not philanthropy. It is a business, an important business that does good deeds for others while allowing the investor to reap a generous profit.

    Another question that  requires attention is are you fit to do this type of work? Training and development must be consistent to perform at the highest level like a bodybuilder or an elite athlete. 

    Are you willing to become a fit real estate investor? You will need training, development, exposure, mentoring, and real estate mathematics. 

    To better understand becoming “a fit” investor, watch Glenn Schworm’s video: “How Much Money Can I Make Flipping Houses?” at:

    So, “how much money can you make flipping houses?” The honest answer is “as much as you want.” 

    Problem properties are not going anywhere, and as long as humans live in houses, problems will arise. 

    Solving these problems is what makes you different from anyone else. 

    You can solve problems that confound the general marketplace. Therefore, go forth and do good. Do good business, do good for others, and do good for yourself.    

    Believe it or not, doing all three is more than attainable but necessary.

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