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Real estate is the most valuable asset in the world and it is the quickest, most accessible pathway to building true wealth. 

“We’ve done over 1,100 residential real estate deals for $100 million+ in revenue… and we want to show you how you can, too!

— Glenn & Amber Schworm

Learn how to get on the right side of the real estate investing business!

Everyone is a part of the real estate investing business. The question is, which side of the business are you on?

In our free course you’ll discover just how easy it is to move from “paying into real estate” over to “making money through real estate.”

Take action. Educate yourself. Make a decision.

Financial freedom doesn’t come to you… you have to track it down… and real estate is the best vehicle to catch it! Are you the type of person who will chase after it?

Video 1

What's True, What's False, and What You Need to Know

The mission is to achieve wealth through real estate. The faster you can flip your first home, the faster you’ll be on your way. Get the facts of what it takes, what to expect, and what you need to be ready to do.

Video 2

Who Is Actually Doing This? Are They Making Money?

Real people are doing this and they are really making money! Hear the stories of real people willing to work hard, persevere, and bet on themselves. All we did was give them a proven plan and they made it happen!

Video 3

What You Need to Know About Freestyle Flipping*

*First-time Flipping without a proven system

You can either pay to learn how to flip or you can pay to correct your flipping mistakes. The lessons are the same but one costs much more than the other.

We will give you a sneak preview of these lessons and along with the potential mistakes that will take your project off budget and over time.

Video 4

Anyone Can Flip Houses. Not Everyone Will Do It Well.

Flipping is not extremely difficult or expensive. It is actually quite simple — when you know where to buy, what to do, when to do it, how much things should cost, and how to mitigate mistakes and the impact of unexpected expenses.

We will tell you about our process so you can decide if you’d like to build your own or adopt our approach.

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Don't Use Our System Unless...

Home flipping is the start of your adventure… not the final destination. We have designed our house flipping formula to serve as your gateway into real estate investment. We believe you can build a real estate empire that reflects your dreams, values, and legacy. 

If you’re okay being challenged, dreaming big, and unlocking your full potential you will love what we have in store for you.

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