Is Flipping Real Estate Easy?

Real Estate investing expert Glenn Schworm’s recent video, The Best Advice for Someone Starting in Real Estate, offers some helpful tips to those just beginning:

1. Train for a Marathon
2. Build a Lasting Portfolio

With these tips in mind, the question often arises, “Is flipping real estate easy?” 

Glenn, alongside his wife, Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshops, also reflects on this question during their real estate investing classes and videos. 

The question ponders whether building a multimillion-dollar business is easy, and the answer is – no.

Building a real estate investment business is not impossible, in any case. It takes a commitment and the tenacity to learn, grow, and evolve as a keen investor.

Real estate investment differs from other investment arms because the investor here must know a broad range of information.  

Real estate is “real,” that is, it is a tangible asset that also bears a tremendous amount of sentimental value for owners. 

Becoming a real estate investor means you must become adept at market trends, including:

  • Renovation budgets
  • Building structures
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring,
  • HVAC
  • In addition to this nonexhaustive list, you must familiarize yourself with working with people from various backgrounds.

    The real estate investment business requires you as an investor to understand the emotional and financial state owners find themselves in when they encounter you.  

    Once again, is this easy? No. However, is real estate investing doable? Absolutely.

    How Do I Get Started?

    Now that we’ve established that easy is not how one navigates to wealth let’s discuss the path that leads to wealth.

    Are you ready to run a marathon because sprinting to the finish line seldom offers long-term success? Probably not unless you’ve been training.  

    The Home Flipping Workshop is your source for practical training that produces winners. However, this process is a journey that will take time. 

    Let’s examine how the Home Flipping Workshop approaches the concepts of training for a marathon in the real estate business and building a lasting portfolio. 

    These in-depth tips help new real estate investors grasp a deeper meaning of what this race requires. 

    Train for a Marathon

    Training for a marathon is not a task that one should take lightly. Runners must build endurance, form, muscle, and the proper diet to support their bodies as they endeavor to compete at a high level.  

    If winning is your aim, you will consistently train to remain a winner. No different is it with a real estate investor.  

     Glenn suggests that those interested in becoming highly effective real estate investors do the following:

    1. Make a firm commitment to continuous learning.
  • There are many strategies and associated tactics to employ in real estate. You must know which method to use with any specific system and associate the proper tactics flawlessly to do the best deal.
  • Continuous training is necessary over a sustained period to become an influential real estate investor.
  • The more a new investor trains, the more confident you become, making sellers trust you through the process.
  • 2. Commit to seeking and adhering to a strong mentor.
  • Mentoring has become popular and has always been a vital part of the real estate industry.
  • Investors who succeed in this business do not mind sharing their experience with committed, inexperienced investors.
  • Mentorship is key to success because it fast-tracks your training. The mentee gets exposed to more real estate situations with a mentor than they ever would alone. This exposure enhances your formal training by putting it to use quicker.
  • 3. Commit to growing as a person.
  • Personal growth and development are vital for a real estate investor.
  • The real estate investor meets clients who are more than likely in significant need of help.
  • When a real estate investor has a solid moral compass and a commitment to doing good business, the profits are only one source of fulfillment. Many real estate investors say that helping those in need get into a better situation for their health and well-being is most fulfilling.
  • These three commitments demand a consistent and perpetual undertaking to reap significant financial and personal returns from real estate investors.

    Build a Lasting Portfolio

    Glenn Schworm is such a thoughtful and humble man. He does not just share his numerous victories but also his mistakes.

    According to Glenn, he and his wife, Amber, should have built a real estate portfolio earlier in their career. He believes building a portfolio has a lasting effect on your financial situation.   

    Glenn suggests you do the following at the beginning of your real estate investment career:

    1. Secure long-term rentals. Make the purchase using various strategies taught at the Home Flipping Workshop, houses, townhomes, or condos to rent to single persons or families. While this is not a vast paycheck associated with flipping a house, the long-term financial benefit is weighty. Steady income over a prolonged period has many benefits.
    2. Secure short-term rentals. These properties typically appear on Airbnb or VRBO listings. Location is key here, but these rentals’ cash flow and profit margin are phenomenal. Travelers prefer these types of properties over traditional hotel accommodations.

    By acquiring these properties and building a portfolio, the long-term outlook for the investor is much better.   

    The flow of that market is much less detrimental to an investor with a steady cash flow.

    How Do I Learn How To Navigate the Market?

    Do you want to join the ranks of other real estate investment marathon runners?

    Are you prepared to commit your time to learning, mentorship, and personal development?

    Would you like to build a lasting portfolio that changes your financial outlook for years? 

    If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then do not delay. Join Glenn and Amber Schworm as they offer their next virtual  Home Flipping Workshop.

    Reserve your spot today and begin your journey as a real estate investor.