Is Now A Good Time to Start Investing in Real Estate?

Do you ever ask yourself these kinds of questions?

  • Is now the best time to start my business?
  • Was last year a better time?
  • Could next year offer better rates for starting my business?
  • What about real estate? Is now the best time to start investing?
  • Did I miss the golden time to invest in real estate?
  • Should I wait until I am ready?
  • These questions aren’t for someone deeply engaged in real estate investing or any new endeavor.  

    A spectator poses these questions, searching for something bigger and better, subconsciously knowing they should be doing more in life. 

    Why more?

    These questions come to mind for people with a deep sense of purpose and embedded courage.  

    They are inner thoughts, and some call them a tug. It’s an internal reminder that life is continuing, and they are not living to their full potential.  

    So, then what is the real question? Well, it’s not “Is now a good time to start investing in real estate?” The question is, “How do I take control of my life now and begin investing in real estate?”  

    The harsh reality for most of us is that we will never fully be ready for anything and everything, but you will never finish if you don’t get started.

    Timing Isn't Everything

    Experienced real estate investors address hopeful entrepreneurs with the following talking points:

  • Now is not the time.
  • Ten years ago it was the market of all markets.
  • We speculate that within 5-years, the market will be ripe for producing millionaires again.
  • These are great sound bites for television but not truths for practical application or prosperity.

    If you need money now, do you speculate whether you should seek employment in 5-years to satisfy your present needs?  

    If you don’t think like this regarding your career, why adopt this irrelevant thought process for business?  

    Now is always the time. Consider these five realities:

    1. Do people require adequate housing?
    2. Are people relocating to any market in the United States?
    3. Do families still hold their primary residence as their most significant asset?
    4. Has the American dream changed? Do people still yearn to secure their own home or land?
    5. What is the highest physical need for humanity?

    These five questions require a yes or no answer and address the best time for you to begin investing in real estate. The Time is Now.

    Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

    Now that we’ve determined it’s time for you to take control and seize the moment, let’s consider the opportunities at hand. 

    Now that your subconscious mind knows what is available to you, a new question arises: How do I get started?

    Getting started in real estate is not as difficult as you might think.  

    However, first things first, do you currently own your living space? If you do, you have already begun. Recall the following:

  • What process did you endure in purchasing your current living space?
  • How much did you pay?
  • What was the process?
  • What did you like, and what did you abhor?
  • By purchasing property, you have already begun investing in real estate.  

    You are reaping the benefits of appreciation, equity, and financial leverage.  

    You’ll need to explore the various facets of real estate investment to determine your skill set and desired niche.

    What aspect of real estate best suits you to begin your journey.

    Purchasing a home is not a disqualifier; quite the contrary is true.

    You are uniquely positioned to purchase your home right, just as Glenn and Amber teach their students at the Home Flipping Workshop 

    You can use your home purchase as your first deal and reap immense benefits.

    Even if you are not a homeowner, now is the time, and you should prepare to learn multiple real estate investment strategies that work. These include:

  • The Infamous Flip, made so by numerous shows on HGTV
  • Wholesaling
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Saving the Perishing Homeowner
  • Target Marketing
  • Selling Your Property
  • Estate Property
  • Building a Viable Network
  • The list, while not endless, is too lengthy to exhaust in this short blog article. You’ve got a lot to learn, and there is no better time than now. 

    What Do You Do Next To Start Your Real Estate Journey?

    The following steps are easy but require your determination and focus.  

    Your knowledge base in real estate is not required because novices tend to flourish in this business.  

    All you need is desire and a willingness to invest your time in practical training with Glenn and Amber Schworm.  

    Watch Glenn’s latest video, Is Now a Good Time to Begin Investing in Real Estate? Find encouragement and accept these words as your call to action.  

    Decide to act now. Connect with Home Flipping Workshop, and you’ll soon be asking yourself why you didn’t get started years ago.