Is There Money in Flipping Houses?

Glenn and Amber Schworm are passionate about helping everyday people create their best life through real estate investing. They’ve flipped over 700 houses with complete success valued at over $65 million and counting, and still actively flip over 100 houses a year. Through coaching and mentoring, they have taught thousands of people their simple home flipping formula at their Home Flipping Workshop. Glenn and Amber continue to flip houses as they help everyday people change their lives by teaching them how to “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” properties to create immediate cash flow and assets that generate long-term passive income.

Is There Money in this “Flipping Houses” Thing?

The first question I get is “How much money can I make flipping houses?” or “Can I make money doing this with my life?” “Is there a great payoff here?”

Absolutely.  IF you do it right.

The average profit for a flip across the nation right now is somewhere around $78,000. In my personal experience, that isn’t a particularly accurate number accounting for all expenses and fees. Our average flip earns us around $55,000 in profit. While those numbers can be proportionally higher if you’re working out of California or New York City, generally $55,000 is a good starting point for keeping things based on the reality of the business as it is right now.

Is There Money in it FOR ME?

The second question I get is “Am I the sort of person who can do this?”

I’ve been training people in this business for over a decade, and professionally with our Home Flipping Workshop now for the last six years. I’m always shocked at the people who end up successful versus the ones that don’t.

It comes down to YOU.

What do you want out of your life? When I started back in 2007 I couldn’t read a tape measure, but I knew that I wanted a better life for my family and for myself and was willing to do whatever it took to get there. Real Estate seemed like the best option for me as something that I could do in order to legally make large chunks of money.

Since 2007 we’ve done just about 800 flips, including exactly 100 last year. I wanted it, and I continue to want it, and I am willing to do the work needed to get there. I didn’t have any prior knowledge, just a hunger to have a life filled with the financial freedom to choose how I wanted to spend my time, and without the stress of debt or cash flow.

$50,000 Per Flip!

The people who have succeeded in our program come from every background, every education level, every culture and ethnicity.

One of my favorite students originally came into the program in Atlanta with a fairly basic understanding of the English language. Communication wasn’t his strong suit, so it concerned me that he may not be able to properly express his interests to others in the Real Estate Market.

Today? He’s finished with his third flip and has averaged around $50,000 for each. His wife is able to retire and stay home. He decided that he wanted it and he went for it, and didn’t allow any perceived limitations from anyone to stand in his way.

This is why we teach Real Estate. 

It’s so fulfilling to see students of ours come in and totally and completely change their lives. Real Estate is absolutely the best way for average people like you and me to make tremendous and life-changing amounts of money.

Your background doesn’t matter. If you have the right coach behind you, and a tested formula that has worked across regions, changing times, and volatile markets? You can make it happen.

You can make money Flipping Houses. You have to want it. You have to put in the work. But you can do it.

We believe in you!