It’s Okay to Start Over to Reaching Your Business Goals

Glenn and Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, understand what it is like to face starting over from scratch. 

Their new video titled, It’s OK To Start Over, will give you words of reassurance despite any circumstances you may encounter. 

You will see that there is something about a fresh and new opportunity. A second time around can offer an even higher success rate.

Investing in yourself and embracing the chance to do it over again is never too late. Rethinking your path by starting over can be an exciting experience. 


Real estate is constantly changing. So why can’t you? The truth is you are far more capable of overcoming and adapting than you know.

You are thinking about relocating and starting your business in a new place. You now see that you need to readjust your goals to accomplish them, but what is the best way to do that?

Real estate investing can be done anywhere, yet starting another successful business from nothing can be daunting. 

Starting with a plan and adjusting as you go along keeps you focused and moving forward. By simply modifying your goals, you have a better chance of reaching them.

The important thing to remember is not to adjust your goals without gaining the proper knowledge first.


Most businesses hit bumps in the road and face challenges during the initial stages. 

Success can be easier when starting over because you’re able to build on what you already know, this makes that road smoother.

In your effort to start over, your new location will be necessary. Connecting your real estate business experience with your goals will make your expected end result clear.

The experience you have in the real estate industry will prove valuable. You should have no trouble moving your new business forward, once you gather new information about modern real estate investing.

Perhaps you already know the bottom line of a successful business and how to get it is in applying the following: 

  • Branding
  • Developing
  • Financing
  • Planning
  • Servicing
  • These fundamental elements will help you succeed, and they are what will help you achieve and create a profitable business again and again.


    It is never comfortable starting over or transitioning from one place where you are known to a place where no one has heard of you. Doubt and fear begin to set in when you are outside your comfort zone. 

    Have no fear, because you will gain a sense of comfortability. 

    Knowing that fear fuels your focus and empowers your dream of success is what will allow you to get out there and do it.

    The fear of failure is the ultimate experience many have faced, and others do not want to see it. Keep in mind that failure is part of the learning experience, but with the proper training it doesn’t have to be costly. 

    You are venturing into a different place with another point of view – this is your chance to do things differently.


    Starting from square one gives you a chance at a better opportunity. A new chapter to reinvent yourself and your business.

    It may seem like you are starting from the bottom when you are simply starting a new chapter. You have been at this point before this time. You know what to do. 

    Your experience and knowledge are what you will need. You have the advantage of doing it better, just in a different place.

    You ask yourself why you have decided to do it all over again. The answer is that you are investing in yourself and your new business. 

    Of course, this is nothing to take lightly, but you have the authority to operate in your best interest. 

    Starting over can be both scary and exciting. Deciding to leave something you have built or created to start from the beginning is a bold move.

    There will be mistakes made while trying to achieve success. Your secret weapon is that you have done it before and the knowledge of everything you are bringing with you. 

    You are simply building on what you already know – with the proper knowledge your puzzle will come together without missing a piece.


    Having that understanding and expertise will be beneficial in moving forward. 

    When you join Glenn and Amber Schworm at their upcoming Home Flipping Workshop, you will find out just how much they understand starting over.

    During their 3-day course, you will receive information that will help you overcome the worries of starting over and give you the momentum to take your leap of faith. 

    We look forward to hosting you at our upcoming virtual Home Flipping Workshop. Register today, don’t let procrastination, fear, and anxiety hold you back.