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The last few years have been unprecedented in REI, and the next year will be too, but in a different and much better way. 

How do you feel about this time in history? Are you nervous or scared? The number one question I’m asked is, “Is now a good time or should I wait?” If I waited back on 2007 when everyone else told us to wait, I would not be where I am today. So my answer is ALWAYS, NOW is the best time! And it really is.

Are you worried about your job?
Your investments in the stock market dropping?

I get it. But now is the time for you to take charge of your future and never again be worried about a recession or down economic times. You know how we do that? By flipping houses for cash and building residual income from rental income without being a landlord! This is the path to freedom we have used. 

Did you know that if you had $100,000 in the bank last year, it is now only worth $92,000 because of inflation? So this means if we do nothing, we don’t just stay in place, we actually fall backwards and lose!

During recessionary times people panic. If you watch the news, you know exactly what I’m talking about. When the masses pull back with fear and stick their head in the same waiting for it to pass, the smart wealthy play is to go all in, because now there is far less competition and much more opportunity for you and our family.

In recent years, people made the mistake of thinking that houses selling for way over asking made it a “great” market. Well, it didn’t! It drove up prices and created a fury of people who thought they knew how to invest because in their eyes they couldn’t lose! (And they almost couldn’t!) They could buy wrong, renovate wrong and make every mistake in the book and because of the rising market, they would still make money! Well, those days are over, now you can’t just be lucky, you need to be good.

The “gurus” who started a few years ago, and have not been through a recession, have no idea how to navigate what is ahead in 2023, and they will lead a lot of smart people down the wrong path, not because they’re bad people but because they lack real-life experience and knowledge.

Right now it’s crucial to follow a seasoned RE investor and not the social media sensations made in the last few years when they could do no wrong. They are very falsely overconfident and many will fade away in 2023. 

This is your future, so choose who you follow wisely, because you can totally change your life for the better IF you are in the right path following the right leader.

Who are we? Amber and I have been in this game for over 20 years and have bought and sold over 1000 houses. Sounds so weird to say but it’s true. We started deep in debt and had no idea where to go or what to do but we knew RE investing was where all the wealth was created, so we dove in. We focus on flipping, wholesaling, our favorites are long and short-term rentals for real wealth through residual income.

We train on fundamentals, and many creative strategies for this particular market, things others don’t teach, because they simply don’t know.

We’ve been here many times before and are excited for what’s ahead and want to take you with us. 

This is an important training piece to understand why we do what we do, and why it works so well..

As investors, we make our money when we buy and buy low! It’s been so hard to find deals in the last few years, people were buying at almost full retail and riding the appreciation wave which is very risky! 

Well those times, they are a changin’!

We’re moving quickly from a sellers market to a buyers market, and that’s great for you and I as investors because we will have so many more deals to work with and far less competition! 

During a recession, sellers panic and always sell for cheaper then usual. They lose their jobs, they want, or need to downsize and don’t forget, the 10 D’s of REI are always at play in the background. 

Motivated sellers are in all markets, no matter what is happening in the economy, no matter what interest rates are, no mater what inflation is doing, and no matter if we are in a recession or in a booming economy! Think about this. 











That’s where the money is for you and I, and since more people will listen to the news and social media, get scared and stop buying, there are less options for sellers to get rid of their home, and that’s where you and I come in. 

But where do you focus? 

Focus on Fundamentals

First time home buyers are the core to this market and to your success. This is what made Amber and I millionaires and stopped worrying about money during the last recession. When everyone said to run away from real estate, we focused on first time home buyers and made a fortune. Stick with me here…

They don’t care about interest rates, do they? All they want to know is, can I afford the payment and they are far less picky buyers. They’re just happy to have a new home! They are kids growing up and moving out of their parents home, young families growing with kids and more. No matter the economy, first time home buyers are always in the market and are the leading buyers! So this is where we focus our efforts. Not on luxury houses, emerging markets, growing economies, I am talking about your neighborhood! And you only need to find 1-2 a year to totally change your life! What if you found 2 houses this year to flip and made $100K extra? Would that change your life? You do not have to do 100 a year like we do, we started with 1 a year and grew it from there. But the key thing is, we started!   

This market creates even more funding opportunities, including 0% interest on your deals, and taking over existing 3% or less fixed mortgage rates when everyone else is paying much higher! I want to teach you all about this little secret! It is so simple once you learn how.

There is so much opportunity but not how it used to be, this is the new world, and more wealth will be created in Real Estate in the next 5 years than in any time in history. 

If you’re ready for a change and ready to change your life, and be free from financial worry, this is your time, and after 1000 deals in many market cycles over 20 years, we have the experience to take you there with us, and we want you to experience the freedom we have. It is not a get rich quick, it is work, but it is sooo worth it! 

The only question is, will you sit back and wait and miss the opportunity (like so many will) or will you join us to follow what we’re doing? 2023 is the year I have been waiting for for a long time. I hope you join us. 

See you at the workshop.

We’re Glenn And Amber Schworm. We’ve Flipped OVER 1,000 Homes And Generated $100+ Million In Business Since 2008.

We started our career in real estate investing out of sheer desperation.

We were in $80K of credit card debt and needed to make large chunks of cash to get out from under it.

We didn’t have a formal education in real estate investing, but our knowledge comes from hands-on real-life experience, the school of hard knocks, and a strong desire for a better life for ourselves and our family.

We just knew there had to be more to life than a 9-5 job.

In 2007 we flipped our first house and made $17,000.

On our second flip, we profited $33,000 in 33 days.

That’s when we knew we were on to something.

Since then, we’ve created our “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” based on everything we’ve learned flipping houses.

And used it to flip over 1,000 houses with complete success valued at over $100 Million - and counting!

It changed our life completely.

We no longer have to slave it out at our 9 to 5 jobs.

Instead: We have total financial and time freedom to live the life we want.

We knew we had to share this with as many people as possible.

Now, when we first got started, we made a ton of mistakes…

And it cost us big time.

It’s my goal for you guys - I don’t want you to do any of the wrong things.

I want you guys to go straight to the results.

I don’t want you to be successful in a few years… I want you to be successful as soon as possible.

That’s why we put together this value-packed home flipping workshop real estate investing 3-day training to teach you everything we know about flipping houses.

Introducing The 3-Day Home Flipping Workshop…

During this 3 day event, we’re handing you our proven system on a silver platter.

So you don’t have to rely on guesswork to find success.

During the 3-Day event, you’ll discover our proven “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” system.

By the end of the event, you’ll be able to…

Start Investing WITHOUT Using Your Own Money or Credit

NO Experience Required

You’ll Learn The SAME System That Our Students Have Used To Make $41,785, $55,000 and even $78,000 Per Deal…

Home Flipping Workshop Case Study Debra
The Home Flipping Workshop Case Study Tracy & Bob
The Home Flipping Workshop Before and After Kathi

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get In This

3 Day House Flipping and Real Estate Investing Workshop…

Our Proven “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” System

This is the exact same system we’ve used to flip 1,000 homes and generate $100+ Million in business…

And taught to thousands of students who are now making $41,785, $55,000 and even $78,000 per deal.

With this system under your belt, you’ll never feel stuck at any part of your house flipping journey.

We’ve made this system as simple and straight-to-the-point as possible…

So ANYONE can profit from it even if you have no experience or real estate knowledge right now.

How To Get Wealthy Flipping Houses Without Using Your Own Money (Or Credit!)

The biggest concern most new investors have is capital.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that with our proven system, capital is not going to be a concern!

You’ll find out exactly how to raise capital from reliable sources so you never have to depend on using your own money (or credit!)

The BIGGEST Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Flipping Houses

You already know that we made a ton of mistakes when we first got started flipping houses.

And as we networked with more real estate investors and watched our students start their journey…

We realized that there are a few BIG traps that everyone falls for.

That’s why we’re showing you these big traps in advance - and showing you how to avoid it…

So you don’t lose time (or money!) making the same mistakes most investors make.

How To Handle The 'Business Side' Of This Hustle

Now, there are a ton of people who’ll tell you how easy it is to make money by flipping houses.

But there’s one side that everyone ignores.

This is handling the business side of things.

Including how to handle the legal status of your business…

Plan for your taxes so you don’t hand over most of your profits to Uncle Sam…

And how to grow your business in a sustainable manner.

You’ll get the best strategies to handle the ‘Business Side’ of this hustle in our workshop - so you’re ready for any challenges that come your way.

...and much more!

PLUS: As a special bonus, you’ll also get a virtual on-site tour of actual properties.

Get on-site strategies and techniques to maximize your profits...

Ask questions in real-time…

And learn the insider tips that make a flip close FAST!1


Reserve Your Spot Today To Discover…

This Home Flipping Workshop Will Help You Get Wealthy No Matter What Your Experience Level Is…

You’ve already seen how so many of our students who knew NOTHING about real estate are making $41,785, $55,000 and even $78,000 per deal using our proven strategy.

But that’s not all.

Even if you’re an experienced investor…

Our system will help you grow faster and make more money per deal.

Here are some incredible success stories from our students that were already investing when they came to us.

After our training, they went from just a few flips or rentals to scaling into a MAJOR business...

And now are enjoying a complete lifestyle change.

Your Reality Can, Should -- and Will -- Be Different…

It doesn’t matter where you are right now.

Whether you’re working at minimum wage, a corporate job or have been struggling to start your own business…

The great thing about real estate is ANYONE can get started if they have the right strategies.

And as you’ve seen today…

The potential to profit is MASSIVE.

It’s enough for you to change the course of your future completely.

If you apply what you learn in these 3 days...

You could own a wildly profitable real estate investing business within the next month.

Allowing you to enjoy the financial and time freedom that you’ve always dreamed of.

So now that you know just how dramatically you can transform your life with this 3-day house flipping and real estate investing workshop…

I have to ask…

What are you waiting for?

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Right Now You Can Get Access To This Workshop For A Fraction Of What Most Of Our Students Paid…

We're now hosting our house flipping real estate investing training VIRTUALLY.

That means right now - you have the unique opportunity to get in for a fraction of the price most of our students have paid.

PLUS: You get access to this workshop wherever you live and you get to save on all the travel and accommodation expenses.

The price to attend this workshop is just $59.

AND you get to bring someone along as your plus one.

Even if you take what we learned and only make one deal from it…

The return on investment is going to be MASSIVE.


I don’t even need to do the math for that.

Click the button below to reserve your spot in the Home Flipping Workshop right now.

3-Day Virtual Event

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A virtual on-site tour of actual properties

Get on-site strategies and techniques to maximize your profits. Ask questions in real-time and learn the insider tips that make a flip close FAST!

You'll see immediately that this training is truly comprehensive...

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