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Three Businesses Came From Flipping Houses

Brandi is a former GM assembly line worker, current DJ, and real estate investor.

For some, flipping houses is the start of a chain reaction to fulfilling lifelong dreams.

Flipping houses is the first step to starting a successful journey in real estate investing. But, even still, some experienced investors have yet to learn what love and music have to do with flipping houses.

Ohio native Brandi Bucci is 49, and she gets it.

She’s a former General Motors assembly line worker from Youngstown, Ohio. Brandi took an employee buyout and left a good-paying job after 13 years, trading job stability to pursue happiness.

“Working on that assembly line building cars was killing me mentally,” she said. “I wanted to do something else.”

While chiseling her path into the real estate investing industry as a house flipper, she made a pitstop in Atlanta, where she also became a realtor and transitioned out of General Motors when the plant closed.

“My lifelong dream was to be a disc jockey for an old-school R&B radio station,” she said.

After Atlanta, she hit the road, relocated to Dallas, and started a new career in conservative news talk radio.

Recalculate Your Route to Real Estate

The Christian station wasn’t what Brandi initially had in mind, but it worked in her favor. She spent time in Florida before heading back to Ohio to start flipping houses.

Brandi registered and completed the 3-day Home Flipping Workshop course in April 2022.

“Afterward, I refinanced my house in Dallas, rented to a tenant, and moved back to Ohio,” she said. “I figured if I fail, I will fail on a smaller scale.”

As a result, all roads lead to Ohio, where she successfully pursued her lifelong passion for restoring houses.

“During my childhood, my dad would buy a piece of property, clear the lot, dig the foundation, build a house, sell it, and start over,” Brandi said. “As children, my sister and I helped, and I hated it, but acquired a love of houses along the way.”

After a short-lived marriage, spending 13 years in Texas, now a mother of two adult sons; Brandon and Brice, with two dogs; Ruby and Vito, she decided to reinvent herself.

“I needed to figure out who I am if I’m not a mom of dependent children,” she said. “I needed to figure out what to do with my life.”

Less than a year after completing the 3-day course at Home Flipping Workshop and signing up for continued support with VestorPro, Brandi engaged in 3 deals.

“The first was a flip, and then a hold and my current one is a flip,” she said.

First Flip Property

Purchase Price: $69,000
Renovation Expenses: $40,000
Final Selling Price: $124,000



Second Hold/Rental Property

Purchase Price: $46,000
Renovation Expenses: $10,000
Appraised: $90,000

Increased Value:


Third Flip Property

Purchase Price: $50,000
Renovation Expenses: $30,000
Est Selling Price: $125,000

Estimated Profit:


No Wrong Turns; Only Lessons

Brandi navigated bumps in the road, detours in her path, and distractions along her journey.

“I made huge mistakes in my first flip despite what I learned from the Home Flipping Workshop,” Brandi said. “But everything is a lesson.”

Mistakes She Made

  • Hiring Friends
  • Poor Research
  • Overlooked Scans
  • Created Her Own Plan (Didn’t Follow HFW Plan)

Things She Learned

  • How to lay concrete
  • How to hang wallpaper
  • Demolition
  • Painting
  • Minor Electrical Work
  • How to Install Toilets
  • How to Install Cabinets

Read The Signs to Live Your Dream

“You can find the blessing in anything if you pay attention,” Brandi said. “Two additional businesses came out of doing house flipping.”

She started a house cleaning and a vintage resale business selling items left in homes purchased by her real estate investing business, Habibi, LLC.

Brandi explained that her brother-in-law is from Morocco, and he calls her sister Habibi, which is Arabic for “My love.”

She named her real estate business Habibi because Brandi discovered a newfound passion for flipping houses.

When Money No Longer Matters

“I’m not in it for the money,” Brandi said. “I love getting my hands dirty – it’s my jam.”

Restoring houses and listening to music are the two things she loves to do most, aside from spending time with family.

Brandi says all music makes her feel good, especially Man Eater by Daryl Hall, Stepping Out by Joe Jackson, and Until You Come Back to Me by Luther Vandross. Real estate in Ohio was calling her back home to her first love.

“Background music makes me feel like I’m in the right place at the right time,” she said.

Registering for the 3-day course at Home Flipping Workshop proved to be the right choice for Brandi Bucci.

“You only get one life,” she said. “So don’t be afraid to take that leap of faith.”

She explained how useful it was to have an experienced real estate coach, Maira Segal, who walked with her step-by-step through her first three deals.

“My real estate coach kickstarted me because I wanted my investment to be worthwhile,” she said. “I have no regrets signing up for the program.”

Brandi continues working remotely for the Texas radio station, and during her spare time, she’s renovating houses while looking for new houses to flip into her love story.

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