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She's A Fighter!

Hard work and real estate investing can transition your life from poverty to generational wealth.

Cindy Matamoros

Real estate investing allows people from all backgrounds to chase their dreams, and Mexico native Cindy is doing just that.

Born in Mexico, Cindy relocated from Mexico City, Mexico, at age 3 to Raleigh, North Carolina, with her mom and grandmother. “I had a very limited childhood,” Cindy said. “I was working at eight years old.” Her grandmother was a seamstress who sold merchandise on the weekends, and as a child, Cindy helped her out.

Today, Cindy’s primary goal is to ensure that her daughters do not have to struggle as she did. She would also love to purchase a lake home and retire at age 50.

Faith and Hard Work Combine to Inspire Growth

At age 30, the 5’3” tall, small-framed Hispanic woman is a heavy-hitter entrepreneur. “As a realtor, I teach financial education classes to the Hispanic community for free,” Cindy said. “I also sell life insurance policies and residential and commercial real estate.”

Cindy is a fighter, and she uses her faith in the process. “I also sing on my worship team at Grace Assembly of God,” she said. “Being bilingual allows me to help underserved communities.”

She says people fail to recognize how hard she’s struggled but has learned that life struggles can make you better in business in several ways:

  • Resilience: When you experience difficulties in your personal life, it can give you the strength to face challenges in business. You learn to push through difficult times and keep going, an essential skill for any entrepreneur.
  • Problem-solving skills: When you face difficult situations in your personal life, you learn to think creatively to find solutions. This problem-solving ability can be applied to business, helping you find innovative solutions to complex problems.
  • Empathy: Struggles in your personal life can also teach you empathy, an essential quality for any business leader. Empathy allows you to understand the needs and concerns of your employees, customers, and stakeholders, enabling you to make decisions that benefit everyone.
  • Adaptability: Life struggles often require adapting quickly to changing circumstances. This skill is critical in business, where market conditions can change rapidly, and you need to pivot your strategy to stay competitive.
  • Drive: Struggles in your personal life can motivate you to succeed in business. When you have faced and overcome challenges, you develop a sense of determination to help you push through difficult times in your industry.

Life struggles can help you develop skills and qualities essential for business success. You can become a better leader and entrepreneur by learning from your experiences and using them to your advantage.

Overcoming Adversity

“If I didn’t grow up in poverty, I wouldn’t have pushed through like I did,” she said. “I worked my butt off.”

Before working in the banking industry for nine years, Cindy became pregnant at age 16 with her daughter, Ashley, forcing her to live independently while juggling three shift jobs. She says her mom was not supportive, but her grandmother and friends helped as much as possible.

But Cindy is a fighter, and she continued to push forward, graduating with honors from Athens High School in Raleigh, NC.

Five years ago, on February 18, 2019, she married her husband, Candido, and on August 12, 2021, they welcomed daughter Victoria. “Some days, I’m up late, so it’s not easy,” Cindy explained. “I also love cooking for my family.”

The wife and mother of 2 says she has a supportive husband who supports all her ambitions.

Discovering a Passion for Real Estate

While on maternity leave in 2021, she secured her real estate license. And, in 2022, she saw a Facebook ad about flipping houses with Glenn and Amber Schworm. Intrigued, she signed up for the 3-day workshop and VestorPro’s coaching services.

“I always wanted to do real estate because I love houses,” Cindy said. And stepping out in faith has been highly rewarding. Cindy has currently completed four deals. She has an Airbnb, a personal residence, a duplex, and a complete rehab property that “needs lots of love.”


Purchase Price: $110,000
Renovation Expenses: $37,000
Actual Cash Value: $225,000

Monthly Rental Income:


A Proven Real Estate Investing Formula

She says every property seemed to come naturally. “I’m kind of religious,” Cindy explained. “I planted seeds, and they just started coming up after I followed all the instructions VestorPro gave me.”

She says her coach, Miara, made excellent suggestions, and they have built a great relationship. Her childhood struggles equipped her to surpass her goals and build generational wealth.

“Trust the process and trust your heart,” Cindy said. “It may not be easy, but if you plant the seeds, it will come to fruition.”

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