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From Corporate Leadership to Flipping Success

A Journey of Transformation, Savvy Strategies, and Empowering Change in the World of Real Estate”

There are different strokes for different folks, and many career-minded professionals are learning how to invest in real estate to gain an economic advantage.

Jennifer DiMotta is a dynamic 49-year-old trailblazer who is reshaping the landscape of real estate investing with her remarkable journey as a savvy investor trained by the Home Flipping Workshop and VestorPro.

Her story defines determination, strategic moves, and a profound passion for transforming properties into gems.

Thinking Outside the Box

Jennifer’s venture into real estate investing began in October 2022 when she attended the 3-day Home Flipping Workshop. This acclaimed platform equips individuals with the tools and knowledge needed to excel in real estate.

Her initial foray into real estate included live-in and flip scenarios, but she aspired to make more significant strides with fixes and flips.

Based in the vibrant city of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Jennifer’s journey was rooted in her origins in Omaha, Nebraska, where she had already established ownership of a rental property. Her deep connection with her hometown and its thriving real estate market led her to take a bold step.

After immersing herself in Glenn and Amber Schworm’s extensive training programs, Jennifer rehabbed her first property and listed it on “Furnished Finder,” targeting traveling nurses as potential renters.

This clever shift secured her first official flip and validated the strategies she had learned.
The results exceeded her expectations as her second property is set to hit the market in September.

Heading Back to Her Roots

With a strong desire to capitalize on Omaha’s flourishing real estate market and the draw of being closer to her family, Jennifer made the strategic decision to relocate. Omaha’s dynamic real estate environment and her extensive network of family and friends provided the ideal foundation for her endeavors.

Jennifer’s investing strategy entails a mix of fix-and-flips and rentals tailored for traveling nurses.

She recognized the potential in this niche market, where longer stays translate to more stable rentals compared to traditional AirBnB arrangements.

Her meticulous approach extends to every aspect, as she personally furnished the properties and even got her hands dirty by participating in the fundamental elements of the renovation process.

Restoring Glory to Aging Properties

A shining example of her commitment is her latest project—a property owned by the same individual for an impressive 70 years.

Jennifer spearheaded the transformation, coordinating with contractors and overseeing kitchen, bathroom, and floor upgrades. The property’s original charm, with features like hardwood floors, an original staircase, doors, knobs, and trims, presented an exciting challenge that Jennifer embraced wholeheartedly.

The numbers speak for themselves: the property was purchased for $159,000, undergoing a $40,000 renovation, and recent comps value it at an impressive $250,000.

Purchase Price: $159,000
Renovation Expenses: $40,000
Expected Selling Price: $$250,000

Projected Profit:


Navigating Omaha’s competitive market to purchase her property required quick action, as houses spent an average of just six days on the market.

Thanks to the guidance and support from her VestorPro coach and other industry professionals, Jennifer’s approach was well-structured and efficient.

Leveraging her connections, she built a realtor’s list and explored off-market opportunities. Access to discounted resources, such as Home Depot, further enhanced her endeavors.

The Good Life

Jennifer established her LLC, Klover and Key, LLC, aligning her vision with her values.
Her focus on revitalizing older homes instead of tearing them down echoes her commitment to creating a positive impact. The name signifies “the good life,” with a personal twist of changing the ‘C’ to ‘K’ as a nod to her journey.

Challenges were inevitable, and Jennifer’s pivot from the Florida market to Nebraska presented her with many hurdles. However, her strong connections and familiarity with Omaha’s landscape gave her the edge she needed to overcome these obstacles.

Through it all, having a network of friends and family played a pivotal role in her success.

Beyond her accomplishments in real estate, Jennifer’s career span includes leadership coaching and certified health coaching, with 20 years in the corporate sector.

Her coaching venture, “Uprisors,” focuses on nurturing emerging leaders. With 15 years of marriage to Rick and two adult children, Jennifer balances her professional achievements with personal passions.

She enjoys exploring distilleries and wineries and is an avid football and hockey fan.

Jennifer DiMotta’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of persistence, strategy, and community support in changing the face of real estate investing.

Her story inspires aspiring investors, especially women, who aspire to carve paths in this dynamic field of real estate investing with VestorPro.

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