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Proof That Women Can Profit As Real Estate Investors

Sonia uses investment strategies she learned at the Home Flipping Workshop as a launching pad to shatter her economic glass ceiling.


Women looking to break through an economic glass ceiling can find financial freedom through real estate investing.

How do experts at the Home Flipping Workshop help thousands of everyday people get on the fast track to financial freedom?

Instead of living on a fixed income, one 47-year-old wife and mother of 4, Sonia, is pursuing financial freedom.

“I love helping people; my job is great,” she said. “But it has a ceiling on the pay, and limited time prevents me from traveling.”

After working as a physical therapist for 12 years, Provost started using real estate investing as a tool to crush her economic glass ceiling.

Upon graduating from Spaulding High School in Barre, Vermont, in 1993, Provost attended Lasell College in Newton, Massachusetts. She earned two undergrads and one master’s degree.

Sonia is 6 ½ years into her second marriage, raising two college-age children and two teenagers in Westford, Massachusetts. She’s an everyday woman on a journey to gain economic self-reliance.

The Right Education Matters For Real Estate Investing

In 2020, Sonia’s mom’s house lease ended abruptly when the owners needed to move back in during the recent pandemic. While helping her mom search for real estate to purchase, she familiarized herself with the market.

By January 2021, she responded to a $17 online women’s real estate investing course. She had to pay additional fees because the course needed to be more interactive and took longer than expected.

It wasn’t what she expected, as the course emphasized Texas real estate heavily. Three months later, in March 2021, Sonia registered for a 3-day intensive and interactive Home Flipping Workshop.

“I’m a person who learns by interacting,” she said. “I don’t do Zoom calls. So, at first, I thought, ‘What am I getting myself into.’” She says the format forced accountability and promoted member engagement.

Glenn and Amber Schworm were relatable and good about getting people to participate. “It was the tipping point for me to commit to real estate investing and create my 5-year plan,” Sonia explained. “I signed up for one year of VestorPro coaching tools.”

As a result, she was able to learn so much more and secure the support needed to thrive.

Coaching and Mentorship Will Accelerate Your Success

“I refinanced my first investment property using a small bucket of disposal income for cash,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot of creative ways to finance properties.”

She explained how the Home Flipping Workshop gave her the confidence to step outside her comfort zone.

When uncertain about the next steps and unsure of her decisions, she could ask questions and get immediate answers.

“They walked through everything with me,” Provost said.

Navigating and Negotiating Your First Deal

Sonia’s first deal was a fixer-upper rental property negotiated as an off-market purchase in September 2021.

It required a complete renovation of an upper and lower level property that consisted of 3 small businesses on the lower level and a three-bedroom and one-bath apartment on the upper level.

“I was able to purchase low, make repairs and renovations, refinance, and then hold the rental for passive income,” Sonia explained. “Eventually, it worked out, but there were many things I didn’t anticipate.”

Unexpected Issues:

  • Construction budget doubled
  • Commercial tenants unexpectedly vacated
  • Unit flooded


Off-Market Purchase: $400,000

Renovations and Repairs: $147,000

Total Expenses: $547,000

Appraisal Upon Completion: $625,000

Refinanced and Accessed 
50-Percent Loan to Value: $325,000

Mortgage, Taxes, and Insurance: $2,800

Monthly Cash Flow from Rental Income:


“I would have never thought about these creative ways to build my real estate portfolio in a million years,” Sonia said. “Everything has been a learning process.”

She learned how to maneuver equity and finances to grow her business. As a result, she initiated negotiations on her second fix and flipped the property before completing renovations on the first.

Crushing Your Economic Ceiling

“A year and a half ago, I did not know any of this,” she said. “VestorPro was extremely helpful.” Sonia received fuel from Glenn and Amber’s perspectives and passion during the workshop.

“They helped me to get over my fear,” she said. “And because of the Home Flipping Workshop and the support of my husband, I was able to accelerate my 5-year plan.”

As of January 2023, she’s leaving her career in physical therapy to focus on real estate investing full-time.

“It can be tricky being a mom and a real estate investor working with male contractors that are powerful and accretive,” Sonia said.

According to a study completed by Fidelity Investments, only 29% of women see themselves as investors, and less than one in four women are comfortable with their knowledge of investing.

But she is not letting anything get in the way of her dream.

Extraordinary Dreams For An Everyday Life

In addition to chasing her dream to become a successful real estate investor, Sonia prioritizes her responsibilities.

She’s a committed wife, a working mom, cooking Italian dishes, loving family, supporting friends, and caring for her dogs. She owns 2 Great Pyrenees rescue dogs, Willow and Nash; Nash replaced their 12-year-old dog B., who recently died from a heart condition.

She named her real estate business Willow B. Homes to rescue herself from 9-5 employment. Sonia Provost uses investment strategies she learned at the Home Flipping Workshop as a launching pad to shatter her economic glass ceiling.

People can leave an extraordinary legacy daily if they apply the techniques Glenn and Amber Schworm taught.

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