Savvy Success with Short-Term Rentals

Glenn & Amber Have Made Millions and You Can Too

Whether you want immediate cash flow or long-term generational wealth (or both!), Short-Term Rentals can help you build the life of your dreams… No experience, real estate license, or crazy amounts of upfront capital required!

Why Short-Term Rentals?

There’s a reason Short-Term Rentals (STRs) are the hottest trend in real estate investing right now.

Booming Market

Short-term Rentals are quickly becoming the preferred vacation destination over hotels, especially among millennials.

Higher Income Potential

Get top dollar for your rental by catering to vacationers and tourists, rather than long-term renters.

Greater Pricing Flexibility

Easily adjust your rates to keep your rental booked during peak season, special events, and all year long.

Easier Upkeep

Regular turnover allows you to keep up with routine maintenance on your schedule, rather than discovering major issues years later.

Limit Problem Visitors

Don't get stuck in a year-long contract with an unreasonable tenant. With most STRs, unruly guests are gone within days.

Vacation Anytime

Ready to go on vacation yourself? Easily block off dates you want to save for personal use for guaranteed availability.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your income, build your retirement, or simply give yourself more flexibility, starting a Short-Term Rental business is a great way to establish sustainable passive income and the financial freedom you’ve been looking for.

Even if you have no experience, no real estate license, and little money down, you can build a wildly profitable Short-Term Rental business in less time than you think, and Glenn and Amber Schworm can show you how.

Glenn & Amber Schworm have been selling and buying houses for over a decade and made a killer fortune. We want to give our knowledge back to people who want that same life path.


The Step-by-Step Guide You Need to Build a Highly Profitable Short-Term Rental Business from Scratch.

Everything You'll Learn with

The MillionAIReBNB Blueprint

Module 1

Getting Started

Module 2

Purchasing A Short-Term Rental

Module 3

Building Your Team

Module 4

Furnishing the Property

Module 5

Creating Your Listing

Module 6

Creating A Positive Guest Experience

Module 7

Reclaiming Your Time

Module 8

Scaling Your Business

Meet Your Glenn and Amber Schworm

Your Trusted Short-Term Rental Experts

Glenn and Amber Schworm started their career in real estate investing out of sheer desperation. They were $80K in credit card debt and needed a way out (and fast!). In 2007, they flipped their first house and made $17,000. On their second flip, they profited $33,000 in 33 days. As a result, they quickly fell in love with real estate investing and never looked back.

Since then, Glenn and Amber have flipped over 1,100 homes and added multiple short-term rental properties to their real estate portfolio. They continue to flip over 100 new homes every year, resulting in over $75 million in profit (and counting!) from real estate alone.

Now, they’re on a mission to help everyday people create real, sustainable wealth using their unique and proprietary “Find, Fund, Fix, Flip and Hold” formula.

Glenn and Amber Schworm have helped thousands of new and experienced real estate investors create immediate cash flow, build long-term passive income, and enjoy abundant generational wealth. Why not you too?

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