Real Estate Investing Mom

One of the most active and cherished responsibilities on planet earth is to be a Mom. Moms are superheroes endowed with unique strength and abilities to nourish and care for the needs of their families.  

What makes a Mom so great?  

We can actively multitask, passively plan, and strategically anticipate the needs and wants of our entire family. We are unequivocally exceptional. 

Even while maintaining our home roles, can we become real estate moguls?

Isn’t this just typical ladies? We can be relied upon to cook, clean, manage hectic school and sports schedules, and support our husbands. 

Some of us work full-time while doing all of this, too, but when it comes to starting a profitable enterprise, the infamous doubtful question of “Can she really…?”

In case the obvious answer eludes you – yes, you can, and I am proof of that.

Meet a Leading Real Estate Investor M.I.B. (Mom in Business)

Fellow moms, I’m Amber Schworm, cofounder of the Home Flipping Workshop, and I am a very proud and industrious Mom in Business. 

I have a husband with whom I partner in our business to build wealth for our family. I couldn’t do this without him but understand that he couldn’t do all he does without me.

Here’s the reality, as a M.I.B., I manage a full plate every day. Just like most moms, I am responsible for:

  • Making sure my kids are up and ready for school on time without excuses.
  • Packing lunches.
  • Coordinating with teachers to make sure my kids are doing well.
  • Chaperoning school activities and field trips.
  • Ensuring our household food is plentiful.
  • Making sure Glenn is good, even when everything is not going according to plan.
  • Cleaning my home.
  • Cooking meals that nourish my family physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • While attending to these responsibilities, I still manage to make time for the business. I am an active partner with my husband.

    I know single mothers who are also successful real estate investors. It’s doable if you can allocate time to learning and growing as a female business professional.

    How Can I Become a M.I.B.?

    First things first, my fellow mom. Here’s the real question: What’s your reason why? Why do you need to be in business? What is it that is pushing you to build a business?

    Several Moms have confided to me that they need to be in business to:

  • Financially contribute to the household.
  • Support an overworked husband.
  • Create a comfortable retirement.
  • Recreate themselves after a divorce.
  • Fund college for their children.
  • Cultivate independence.
  • Contribute to the viability of their community.
  • Support struggling Moms with affordable and dignified housing.
  • So, what is your reason why? I can not answer this for you, but whatever your answer is, I can help guide you to making your reason why a reality.

    M.I.B.s in Real Estate

    The real estate industry suits women like you and me.  

    We understand the components that create a home environment. We know the emotional quotient of creating a caring environment.  

    We also know what the home represents. Notice I use the word home. Most men use the word house. There is a difference.

    The house is an asset, a financial instrument that is a real asset. It’s not paper assets like stocks or bonds but a tangible asset with an associated value.  

    Real estate is powerful in the marketplace and is the foremost need of all humans. That’s what men see – a house; we moms envision a home.  

    We know that it has financial value, but its practical value is in the environment we create in the house.  

    We make a house a home. We make it a place where children love to bring their friends to play and eat the snacks stored in the pantry.  

    We know a home is a place of safety. After a rough day at school or a frustrating day on the job, the house is a haven where Dad, Mom, and kids lay their weary heads and tell someone who loves them all about it.  

    We know the home is where we eat and make memories. We know home is the heart of the family. It’s the place where growth and development take place without judgment. The home is for sharing love. The home is everything to a family.

    These are some reasons why it is natural for moms to engage in real estate. We get it. We can sit with a young couple, an aging couple, a divorced woman, or a single Dad and help them achieve the American dream. 

    Here’s another reason why women make phenomenal real estate investors. Moms make ugly situations glorious endeavors. We do it all the time. We can see a dilapidated house and say, “I know just the right family for this house – this will be their home.” We are uniquely suited to do that. 

    We see the finishing touches necessary to attract the right buyer and make their dream a reality.  

    So, when you ask, “Is real estate investing something practical for women to do?” My gut response is, “We are real estate. We make the house a home.”  

    Women Looking to Become a M.I.B.

    Nothing is stopping you other than yourself, and I’m here to help you transition your life to financial freedom. 

    I know your packed schedule feels overwhelming with domestic duties, and you can’t imagine placing anything else on your plate while the kids are young.

    Guess what?

    Even after the kids graduate and transition to college, other responsibilities will occupy your daily routine.  

    Now is the time for you to schedule your development as a M.I.B. It’s time for you to take charge of your earning potential. 

    We’ve made our training highly convenient for our students. 

    Here’s an excellent video Glenn and I did together, The 5 Best Ways to Fund Your Flip.  

    After watching this video, do not hesitate to take the next step. I want to see more women, especially moms, take charge and become the boss just like I’ve done. 

    Join us today.  

    There’s no travel involved, and I’ll be available to coach you during those challenging moments during your transition. I’m here for you; click the link above, and let’s start on your journey with the training you need to succeed.

    I’m excited about connecting with you virtually because I love watching women create waves in this industry that men once dominated.   

    We’ll be hosting virtual training sessions throughout the year, but time is running out in 2022, don’t procrastinate – you can do this. 

    Secure a spot today and begin your journey as a M.I.B.