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  • Purchased home for $90k
  • Renovated for $42k
  • Sold for $210k
  • Total Profit $78k

The Cuomos

  • Originally listed for $79k
  • We got it for $60k
  • We sold it for $190k
  • Total profit of $55k


  • Acquired a rental property
  • Generate $1000 monthly profit
  • Acquired an additional rental property
  • Generates another $1000 monthly profit
  • Purchased home for flip with $100k profit expectancy


  • Bought for $61k
  • Invested $20k in renovation
  • Closed on a sale of $175k
  • Made $65k profit from a single deal

Pam and Kathy

  • Total of four homes flipped
  • Profited $205k from flips
  • $5500 monthly net from rentals
  • Total of $400k profit in four years

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