The Big Flipping Break

The Big Flipping Break is an opportunity to partner with Glenn and Amber Schworm on a project to flip a house. The best part is that it is all funded by the power couple who knows the expert tips in real estate investing.

Their recent release, THE BIG FLIPPING BREAK, is a television show created to demonstrate how flipping a property works from start to finish.

The show will allow you to learn the process of doing the work and allow special guests to work alongside a fantastic team. Get ready to learn how to build a successful business and change your life forever.  

Ready, Set, Flip

You are living your dream of being a real estate investor and are now ready to jump in. You have invested in buying and renovating properties, which is your goal. 

You will need to consider a few things as your primary goal. These three factors are the foundation of making it all happen. 

  • Finding the property
  • Renovating the property
  • Selling the property
  • Other intricate steps to make it all come together are between these three factors. Such as evaluating your financial situation and researching the information to help make the right decisions.

    During the show, you’ll learn the importance of connecting with professionals who will aid in the success of your business. That is why you need to see Glenn and Amber’s new show.  The Big Flipping Break will help viewers move forward with great success.

    Getting Connected

    Connecting with the right people in the real estate investing business is rewarding. Networking is a process that allows you to meet unique people with savvy strategies in the same field of business.

    Surrounding yourself with experts who have mastered a skill is a win for you. Connect with like-minded professionals if you want to succeed. Knowing them gives you a direct and inclusive connection to resourceful information. 

    You want to look for people who share common goals so that you can learn what they know and avoid the mistakes they’ve made previously. Finding those connections will help you with your real estate investing goals. 

    The Big Flipping Break focuses on helping people get connected to what they need to know. The husband and wife real estate team will show you how to move your business to the next level using beneficial connections.

    Big Opportunity

    Finding opportunities in real estate investing can have you evaluating, researching, and taking up lots of time. It can take even longer for new investors, making the competition harder.

    The flipping property procedure allows you to potentially receive high returns by quickly getting in and out of a deal. The goal is to add value to a property with renovations and then sell it as soon as possible.

    When flipping property, the ultimate goal is to make money. Those making money have done the research, studied the markets, made a budget, made risky decisions, and hired professionals for the job.

    Glenn and Amber will allow one lucky person to learn what to do and what not to do during the house-flipping process. 

    1. Dos:
  • Do purchase in an up-and-coming area
  • Do confer with your contractors
  • Do DIY simple Projects
  • Do use professionals
  • Do you have a budget

    2. Don't:
  • Don't buy the best house on the block
  • Don't overlook the warning signs
  • Don't hold the property too long
  • Don't exaggerate your handyman skills
  • Don't get overly invested in the property
  • This show will allow you to see the beneficial breaks, feel the risks, and reap the rewards of this fantastic opportunity. 

    Ready To Flipping Sell

    After you’ve completed your deal, you’ll need to invest hours into the renovation process, which calls for conversations with contractors. 

    It is now time to cash in and enjoy your profit. However, you want to ensure that you maximize your profit using these factors:

    1. Disclosures: Seller's disclosure notice of property condition.
    2. Market Analysis: Most current market analysis.
    3. Organizational Documents: To transfer ownership of the property to the buyer from the seller.
    4. Professional Photos: To increase your sales price.
    5. Surveys: A clean survey to communicate a sense of assurance.
    6. Upgrades: Out-of-sight upgraded features to the property.

    Appraising the property’s after-repair value means you are ready to list with an agent. You are prepared to get a return on your investment that will drive your business forward. 

    In addition to watching the new episodes, register to take Glenn and Amber’s course at the Home Flipping Workshop.

    Most investors know that flipping property can be profitable if you sell it promptly. Many mistakes can happen that can halt the sale of your property, but tuning in to The Big Flipping Break can help you leverage any problem and adjust for a profit.