The right software to use when investing in real estate

With today’s rapidly growing information technology highway, the internet causes many people to suffer from information overload?  

The days of industrial manufacturing as a reliable source of income have come to a slow crawl.

Today, information is crucial because knowledge evolves into money. Said another way, applied knowledge equals money.

Real estate investing is no different from any other industry.  

While we are somewhat biased, unquestionably, information is the only way one can be successful as a real estate investor.  

Information gives you everything pertinent about a potential deal before visiting the property.


When it comes to real estate investing, there are multiple information tools available.  

Perhaps the most well-known is the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Real estate agents use this tool exclusively. Most purchase subscriptions to it. It’s excellent for retail shopping but not ideal for investing.  

While some deals are on MLS, those listed greater than 120 days indicate a problem property, the owners often think too highly of the property, and unfruitful negotiations can ensue.  

At the Home Flipping Workshop, we have developed a unique tool that is strictly calibrated for the real estate investor regardless of your tenure.  

We call our tool MVP Online Investor Suite. 

Our students are not shoppers casually pursuing a home, but investors focused on individuals building wealth.  

MVP Online Investor Suite is made with you in mind if you want to be a real estate investor.


MVP Online Investor Suite is a creative, powerful information resource designed for savvy real estate investors.  

Real estate investors did MVP’s planning and development. So, what is it exactly?

MVP Online Investor Suite is an all-encompassing software tool for real estate investors providing access to various national databases.

We are collating the data according to the investor’s desire.  

If an investor is searching for homes to flip, he/she could easily input data that will gather and organize potential houses that suit their request.  

The difference between MVP and MLS is that MVP is for the real estate competitors who find their deals off-market. 

These deals are not listed anywhere and are ripe for picking.

MVP can provide information within a specific geographic area on houses that have the following pain points:

  • Delinquent mortgages
  • Taxes in arrears
  • Older residents with very low mortgage balances
  • Citations for ill-kept property
  • Homes in probate
  • Estate-owned homes
  • List stacking is when multiple criteria generate off-market properties ripe for picking.  

    Artificial Intelligence can even arrange the list with three probability markers.

    1. Low Probability – unlikely you will get the home under contract
    2. Mid Probability – a 50% chance this home is contractable
    3. High Probability – greater than 60% chance the house is contractable

    Ranking deals like this makes it easier for investors to arrange effective marketing campaigns.

    Postcards, letters, fliers, and good ole’ fashioned door knocking can be very targeted, maximizing financial and physical resources.  

    Once you’ve gained inroads with a homeowner, MVP can help build the renovation budget based upon many inputs.

    These inputs come from the investor, which allows the system to craft a good deal to present to the owner.

    When homeowners agree to sell you their houses, MVP can help manage the process of renovating homes and prepare these homes for sale.  

    This information technology is far more than a listing service or lead generator.

    It is a beginning-to-end management tool for savvy real estate investors.


    We’ve only just begun the discussion of MVP; it is the tool that every progressive real estate investor needs to maintain a competitive edge. 

    There is so much more to it, but it is only available for exclusive use by our students in the Home Flipping Workshop.  

    MVP is a one-stop shop for our students making all the difference in their real estate investing success.  

    Glenn Schworm created a short, informative video, The Right Software, to share some highlights about MVP.

    This article should have piqued your interest if you are serious about real estate investing.

    Are you ready to seize the moment and take control of your financial future?  

    Begin learning and investing with the training and support of the Home Flipping Workshop today. 

    The workshop offers more than just information. It highlights valuable software and provides ongoing coaching, excellent mentorship, and continued support.