Top 5 Things You Must Do To Be Successful In Real Estate

How can I become the quintessential real estate investor? Have you ever thought, what does it take to be successful in real estate?  

Success in any business boils down to critical disciplines that are habitual.  

Students of the Home Flipping Workshop discover the steps and methods that foster repeated success.

Real estate investment is no different from any other expertise that demands entrepreneurs to establish good habits.  

It would help if you discovered the actions and strategies that produce success.

You needn’t undergo a barrage of tests, trials, and costly mistakes.

Glenn Schworm, the founder of Home Flipping Workshop, gives you a “heads up” on the steps and methods that cultivate success in real estate investors.

Get Educated

The adage, “knowledge is power,” is quite true, but even more profound is “applied knowledge is power.” 

Glenn suggests new investors take a moment to get educated in the industry. Specifically, Glenn states that new investors should:

1. Pick a region to master your real estate skills.
2. Find a seasoned mentor who understands the advantages of both buyer's and seller's markets.
3. Become adept at functioning in your regional market.

Getting educated reduces unnecessary mistakes that can be costly to your finances and reputation.  

Working with a legitimate mentor will accelerate and enhance your education in the real estate industry. 

Pick a Lane

Picking a lane may sound cliché’, but you need to determine not just what you plan to do in real estate but how you want to achieve that goal.  

For instance, investors may focus on areas such as:

  • Single-family houses
  • Multi-family apartments buildings
  • Commercial Real Estate (strip malls)
  • Trailer Parks and RV Parks
  • These are focus areas. Afterward, picking a lane specifies how you operate in a specific area. For instance, investors may:

  • Focus on tax liens
  • Estate property
  • Subject Tos
  • Wholesaling
  • Assigning of Contracts
  • Renovation
  • Again, these are specific activities you may do in particular areas. Picking a lane keeps you hyper-focused and allows you to develop mastery as an investor.

    Commit Your Time

    No one cares about your future more than you. Decide to commit considerable time learning and practicing as a real estate investor.  

    Committing your time means:

  • Reading something daily that enhances you as an entrepreneur
  • Researching your market and learning the nuances of it
  • Making calls or a visit to possible opportunities regularly
  • Working or talking with your mentor and/or coach weekly
  • Remember, no one cares about your future more than you. It’s up to you to prepare and commit now to the future you want later.

    Get Mentally Prepared for Battle

    Real estate investing is not for the faint of heart. It’s callous work. Real estate investors often meet with potential clients who are in pain. These clients are typically having significant financial and emotional distress.  

    We solve the problem, but the solution likely does not reflect what the client envisions. It would help if you got ready for battle.

    You will need a mentor or a coach in real estate, and many successful real estate investors have a performance coach.  

    These people are ideal for helping you understand those mental blocks, fears, and challenges that inhibit success.  

    They also help you realize the world is your oyster, but you must crack it open.  

    Take Action Immediately

    It’s easy to watch HGTV and say, “I can do that,” or “Honey, we can do that,” but you don’t do it. Why is that?  

    Why do so many people miss out on new opportunities by failing to take action?

    Most often, it is because of fear.  

    Fear is paralytic. Fear can only fester in the absence of information.  

    Therefore, taking action synthesizes the five things Glenn suggests every real estate investor do.

    1. Get Educated
    2. Pick a Lane
    3. Commit Your Time
    4. Get Mentally Prepared for Battle
    5. Take action

    Considerate application of these actions and methods will result in your success.

    What's Next?

    Glenn Schworm’s recent video, Top 5 Things You Must Do to Be Successful In Real Estate, contains a wealth of helpful insights.

    However, nothing will replace the formal training offered by Glenn and Amber Schworm at the Home Flipping Workshop.  

    Right now is your moment to take action. 

    Register for the upcoming Home Flipping Workshop and strengthen your journey of becoming a successful long-term real estate investor.