Upstate NT Couple Claws Out of Debt by Beautifully Flipping Houses

Glenn and Amber Schworm, founders of the Home Flipping Workshop, got out of debt by flipping houses. Now they’re teaching others how to do the same thing.

They decided that flipping houses would be their best option for accumulating quick money. So, they successfully did it. They purchased properties, renovated them, sold them, and repeatedly made profits.

Glenn and Amber’s article titled “Upstate NT Couple Claws Out of Debt by Beautifully Flipping Houses” offers readers a chance to see how they built wealth from the beginning in debt to multiple successful businesses.

Consider investing in real estate to get out of debt. Real estate investments can produce the money you need to pay your debt faster. Debt should not stop you from investing in yourself or chasing after your real estate investing dreams.


Your strategy for getting out of debt ultimately boils down to how you approach it. There are two ways that people may approach paying down their debts.

  • Avalanche method
  • Snowball method
  • Both are effective, and It does not matter if you pay off the debt with the highest interest rates or the debt with the lowest amount owed. Knowing that it is possible to get out of debt by investing in real estate is motivating.

    Center your mindset around the possibility of taking action to get out of debt. Investing in real estate is an excellent way to look at your financial happiness and attain a debt-free lifestyle.


    The purchase of your first property is a big step. But the big question is how much you can afford without accumulating debt.

    Investing in your future with little money and in debt can be terrifying. Sometimes using credit cards is a means to an end, which can be risky and constricting.

    Taking on new debt to finance a property is known as leveraging. Leveraging is a frequent practice in real estate investing and comes with risks like anything else.

    Remember that investing in real estate the right way leads to financial freedom. Also, buying property to flip can build capital quickly, which is one of the benefits and main reasons people get into real estate investing.


    Many people put hard work into their first property, which we know as “sweat equity.” The hard work put into your investment is factored in on the return on the investment dollars.

    Sweat equity increases the value of the property that you wish to sell. These handyman-type skills can help improve the property and hold just as much weight as cash equity.

  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • Landscaping
  • Plumbing
  • Lots of time and money goes into sweat equity. This process appeals to those strapped for cash who want to invest in real estate by flipping houses.

    It is another way to dig yourself out of that debt hole. Connecting with investors willing to put up the capital and allow you to put in the labor can get you in the real estate game.


    Debt can create unwanted difficulties when starting in real estate, but don’t let it stop you. It would help if you had a game plan to be successful.

    Your plan should be to obtain as much knowledge as needed to be informed about real estate investing. The Home Flipping Workshop has that information to help educate you and your team on navigating the real estate investing process.

    It would help if you made the right moves and decisions in real estate investing from the start. Learning from experts and professionals how to scale debt walls and attain financial freedom is what happens for students at the 3-day at

    Real estate investing can help you reach your destination of financial freedom and debt relief. Glenn and Amber are sharing that information with students around the country. You can be the next to achieve your goal.

    Remember, all debt has a due date.