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The event will begin on Friday at 9am Eastern.

The workshop will be live!  We will let attendees into the room 30 minutes prior to the start so you have time to make sure you’re good and ready to go. 

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This Welcome Package includes some swag and all workshop materials you'll need to have a successful event. If you provided your mailing address to our team, you should receive your welcome "toolbox" by the Thursday before the Workshop. If you do not, please reach out to our team and we'll make sure you receive digital versions of everything.

Grab Your Partner

If you're married or have a partner, be sure to talk to them about the workshop and encourage them to join. You don't need a partner to be successful, but if you have one you'll want them to be part of this opportunity. We've seen success rates go up dramatically when families work as a team!

This is a WORKSHOP!

That means we want you engaged and participating. That's how you get the most out of each day. The value of this workshop is worth thousands! We want you to get every bit of coaching we have to offer. Be ready to join in, ask and answer questions, and connect with others to build your success network.


Make sure you have a notepad or a note taking application open and ready for the training. You are about to participate in an extremely comprehensive real estate investing training session - you're going to want to remember important lessons and takeaways.


We're here to help. If you have any questions leading up to or during the session, please reach out. You'll get a response quickly. In addition, please see a few FAQs below to help as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is what our members have wanted to know ahead of time. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

No further investment or purchase is required. Glenn and Amber Schworm do offer future educational opportunities, but at no time will you be pressured into purchasing further courses or training. It is completely up to you if you want to further your education.

Absolutely! We have always encouraged our guests to bring a friend or family member who supports your goals and wants to be an active part of the journey. If that person is already in or near your home, great! Just pull them up an extra chair. If not, just give us their information when we call you and we will send them everything they need to join in.

Your HFW TOOLBOX will be mailed directly to you! If you have not received your box by the day before the event, please email us at and we will make sure to get a digital package to you before we begin.