What Is Your Why in Real Estate Investing

Do you love what you do for a living, or do you dread it? 

Are you thrilled and excited about getting your day started, or do you dread it?

Some people hate what they do for a living, others do what they do for a paycheck, and some love what they do.

When you think of hobbies that you love to do, it generates a self-motivating drive. 

Take this approach by trading your time for dollars in your professional career.

Some people have chosen real estate investing to fulfill their personal “why.” When you know the outcome of your grind, you will learn to love what you do. 

Most goals have a financial timeline. Therefore, real estate investing is an excellent avenue for people who are focused, goal orientated, and aim to find joy in what they do.

Real estate investing can potentially be your opportunity to find an avenue to financial freedom while choosing to do what you love.


“Success and happiness start when you keep your “why” in the forefront of your business endeavor; the same is true in real estate investing. 

Most self-made millionaires attribute their success to understanding their “why.”

It’s not about having the right “why;” it’s about having a “why.” So, let’s get you ready for your Success by defining your “why” as a real estate entrepreneur. 

Students who attend the Home Flipping Workshop learn the importance of embracing their why while also learning helpful strategies to sustain a successful real estate investing business.

Aiming to broaden your investment and create a legacy of financial freedom requires embracing your “why.” 

Why do you do what you do? What drives you?

Identifying Your Why

1. Are you looking for something that will take less time to make more money?
2. Are you hoping to reduce or eliminate your weekly work hours?
3. Do you want to remove your income limitations?
4. Do you seek the freedom to live where you want, even if your business is in a different location?

What is your “why?” Maybe take a few moments to think about it. What matters to you, what are you passionate about, and what drives you? Then write it down so that it is clear and in front of you. 


Their most great advice for individuals interested in real estate investing is to “know your why.” 

Find your purpose and fully embrace it.

A wise person once said, “everything sucks, some of the time.”

Despite the negative tone, it’s essential to recognize that there will be difficulties ahead regardless of what career or industry you decide to pursue. There are always costs, and fulfilling your ambitions is no different.

During your most challenging entrepreneurial moments, your “why” will become more relevant and enable you to stay the course.

Your “why” must be about more than just making money.

Your passion will drive you to start in real estate investing and achieve remarkable financial Success when you do what you do for the right reasons.

What is the right business venture for you?


Research is a good start. Now dig deeper. Ask yourself, “Why do I want that?” Ask yourself why at least five times, like a 5-years-old asking questions after you’ve repeatedly given them an answer. 

Digging deep is how you will get to your “why.” Upon identifying your “why,” you will be able to quickly determine which of these ways will best support your goals. 

So, What Are You Looking For in Real Estate Investing?

  • Are you looking for the ability to make lots of money?
  • Are you searching for the ability to help other people?
  • Do you want the residual income?
  • Do you want respect?
  • Do you want a career that others look at and say, "I wish I'd thought of that?" or "You were so smart for seeing this massive demand for housing and seizing this opportunity?"
  • Do you want to work on a project that will take less than one year to attain financial freedom?
  • Do you want a business that can produce income for the rest of your life and your kids?

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    Converting your home into a rental or taking any other avenue in real estate investing can be a great idea for building wealth, but there’s a lot to consider and even more to learn. 

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