Women Flipping Houses

According to gender statistics in America, 31.6 percent of real estate investors are women and 68.4 percent of real estate investors are men.

However, women are stepping outside traditional norms and climbing up the ranks in the real estate industry.

Amber Schworm’s recent video, Women Flipping Houses, highlights women’s ability to thrive in this male-dominated enterprise. 

The life experiences that women have lived show their natural leadership skills which make for perfect house flippers. Transferring those skills to real estate can be financially rewarding.

Most women fear house flipping because of not knowing about construction, having to manage contractors, or having to do the work. 

More and more women are joining Glenn and Ambers Home Flipping Workshop to learn how flipping houses can change their lives and create economic self-reliance.


Women are learning how to capitalize in this male-dominated industry. As a result, women have been more inspired to create a space for themselves in the home renovating real estate market.

There is no indication that men can manage house-flipping projects better than women. Unfortunately, society has created a false sense that men complete renovations more than women. 

Women can do it all, even as entrepreneurs, without missing a beat when it comes to handling domestic responsibilities including:

  • Making sure my kids are up and ready for school on time without excuses.
  • Packing lunches.
  • Coordinating with teachers to make sure my kids are doing well.
  • Chaperoning school activities and field trips.
  • Ensuring our household food is plentiful.
  • Making sure Glenn is good, even when everything is not going according to plan.
  • Cleaning my home.
  • Cooking meals that nourish my family physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • You can be both, a proud and industrious mom in business. Whether single or married, with or without children, women can thrive as successful real estate investors. 

    In real estate investing, women can become entrepreneurs creating wealth and building successful companies.

    Real estate investing is a massive opportunity for women to reshape the house-flipping market, creating more female leaders in a male-dominated industry. 


    The real estate investing industry can be intimidating, mirroring a gender disparity—one reason fewer women exist in the real estate house flipping business.

    More women are missing the opportunity to build wealth through real estate investing for themselves and their families.

    Women dream of flipping houses the same way men seek to use real estate investing in building wealth.

    Women want time, freedom, and financial security while living their dream life and tending to their domestic duties.  

    Women can successfully flip houses and do it in a way that:

  • Adds No Stress
  • Brings Excitement
  • Feeds Their Passion
  • Maximizes Profits
  • Minimizes Risks
  • Women are making strides in the real estate industry, with house flipping causing a rise in female interest. 


    Inspiring women to become house flippers and build a lucrative business is a step towards creating more opportunities for other women. Many women attend workshops to help them pursue their goal of becoming house flippers.

    Most women seen on the popular home flipping and rehabbing station HGTV partnered with a man. As a result, they are not seen as an individual but as a couple.

    But there are women ready to step into the house-flipping and rehab business and make decisions in managing their own business. 

    Women are engaging in the career of real estate house flipping and teaching other women how to do the same. It is inspiring to know that women are using home renovation to empower other women as a way to create wealth.


    Female investors are reshaping the house-flipping industry as innovation, ambitious and progressive entrepreneurs. So, there is no better time for women to make their mark in this industry. 

    Most women who flip houses are forced to adapt to new levels of confidence, independence, and have strong personalities. Adapting is not complicated for women already running households and operating as business managers. 

    A woman’s touch or finesse on how they overcome stereotypes during a renovation is by utilizing these factors.

  • Continue Learning: Always look to improve your knowledge.
  • Have a System: Ensure your renovation runs smoothly.
  • Have Confidence: Understand your goal.
  • Make Decisions: Being comfortable with being in charge.
  • Comfort Zone: Improving and moving forward.
  • Amber Schworm is encouraging women to join forces and level the playing field in the male-dominanted real estate industry. 

    Visit the Home Flipping Workshop, and Amber, alongside her husband will teach you all the expert tips, real estate investment strategies, and coach you along the way. 

    Together, they’ve flipped more than 100 houses and they’ll help you avoid unwanted mistakes and accelerate your process as a professional real estate investor.

    Women, get on board.