You Make Your Money When You Buy Property

As we all know, buying property is an excellent long-term investment. Real estate investing is one of the best ways to set yourself on the path to financial freedom. 

However, doing your due diligence before investing is essential if you expect to be a successful investor. According to Money Linkedin, FreePressJournal, and InvestedWallet, about 90 percent of all investors lose money in the stock market. 

As a result, learning the proper way to invest in real estate is a wise way to build wealth.

Learn more about the process by watching Glenn and Amber Schworm’s recent video titled; You Make Your Money When You Buy Property  They explain why the purchase price is the most critical factor in a transaction. 

Knowing the numbers from the start of the deal will ensure the property’s value and your profits. It all comes down to skillful negotiation. 


Getting the best price is the ultimate goal when selling your property. More often than not, when it is time to sell, you list the property and hope for the best.

However, putting in the necessary work on your property will make a difference in making your listing more desirable. Following these 7 expert tips can help you get the best offers.

1. Know If You Can Afford to Sell
2. Work With a Real Estate Agent
3. Set A Competitive Asking Price
4. What Is the Best Time to Sell
5. Spruce Up Your Home to Impress
6. Use Staging and Professional Photography
7. Consider Offers, And Prepare to Negotiate

When selling your property, look to maximize the value. Set yourself up to get the best-selling deal by making your property stand out above the rest. 

To make the best possible selling decision, you need to know what drives property sales in your region. Using the housing data, you will stay educated on what is fueling property sales in your area. 


When determining the value of your property, appraisers consider several factors. Comparing the prices of neighboring houses and assessing the property’s worth is not just based on the renovations and modifications. 

Other ways of realizing the property’s value are through:

  • Comparison of Sales Approach
  • Comparative Market Analysis
  • Cost Approach
  • House Value Sites
  • Income Capitalization Approach
  • Property Appraisal
  • Sites for Pay Property Value
  • An idea of the property’s value is essential for successful investments. Utilizing practical property value tools and researching accurate information will help you succeed in future real estate investments.

    When verifying the market value of your property, there is more than one method used that could impact a deal. Therefore, an algorithm is ideal for gauging the potential value of your property.


    The cost of buying property can add up quicker than you think. Costs, fees, and expenses can easily get overlooked when you are focused on just buying the property, but those variables are an essential part of the purchasing process.

    The buying cost associated with the purchase of the property is determined by how much you can afford. You must factor in and leave room for additional expenses such as:

  • Closing Costs,
  • Holding Costs
  • Insurance Costs
  • Repair Costs
  • Selling Costs
  • Taxes
  • The upfront and ongoing costs will determine the additional charges. Considering only some fees and monthly expenses will set you up to lose and fail.

    The costs can add up, so being prepared will save you much money. 


    According to Glenn and Amber Schworm, cheap off-market real estate properties are sometimes a bargain. It all depends on the different factors which can make the property profitable. 

    The Schworm’s 3-day Home Flipping Workshop course shows investors how property location can determine investment opportunities. They train students how to look for the potential of future appreciation.

    If you are going to buy cheap, make sure you do as much as possible to protect yourself.  

    Research the location, crunch and analyze the financial criteria, inspect, and get insurance for protection—Register to Learn more about the complete process of making your money when you initially purchase the property.