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It doesn’t matter where you are working now. Whether you’re working minimum wage, a corporate job, or you’re running a business—what makes real estate great is that ANYONE can get started if they have a winning strategy and a desire to see the potential through to the end.

We believe you have both.

People always ask how we got started. We wish we could say we were visionaries and had a grand plan, but the truth is we started out of pure desperation! Remember 2008 when the stock market was crashing and the financial stability of the entire country was in serious trouble? If you recall, it was all of the “sub-prime” real estate lending that caused the crash. Great time to start a Real Estate business, right? Ha! Not exactly.

We were both going through divorces, running out of money quickly, sleeping on an air mattress (with a slow leak), and had to buy a couch off craigslist from the bad area of town just to have a place to sit in our 2 bedroom condo we shared with our 2 small kids. We were over $80,000 in credit card debt just to add to the pressure! Getting the picture? Not a great time of life for us. We needed to make money … and fast! We decided to go to a local seminar about flipping houses and traveled to CT the next weekend to hear a professional investor speak. We got started, and we took off.

We bought our first house in Upstate NY to flip in late 2007. We sold the house, made a profit, and we were hooked. Our lives started to change. In 2008, we tackled another house, which sold in a bidding war. We watched a young couple move in with their family and we literally fell in love with making our neighborhood a better place, one house at a time. The profit we made on this house, was more than some people make in an entire year at their full-time job. It was life-changing and we’ve never looked back.

As the years passed, we made a lot of mistakes … I mean a lot!! But we learned and grew from all of them. We have flipped hundreds of houses since 2008. We still remember the days of dreaming about buying that first house to get started.

After the first few flips, we started to make a name for ourselves. We quickly realized that “flipping” was sort of a derogatory term at that time. We decided to prove to the masses that you can flip houses and do it with Honesty, Integrity, Character, and Class. We are a family owned business, leading and teaching with those same core values. We love to help people. We knew at that time, that we wanted to start coaching others. To date, we’ve flipped over 1100 houses in the Northeast, and we continue to buy and sell over 100 houses every year. The systems and strategies we’ve put in place have allowed us to teach others how to successfully invest. Our coaching, materials, tools, and strategies come from years of actively investing. The lessons we’ve learned in our own business has now been turned into a system designed to put you on the road to success. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel … save yourself the thousands of dollars, wasted time, and the headaches that we went through, and get your business started the right way!

As important as the systems and tools are, another critical and often overlooked factor is your mindset. The information at the Home Flipping Workshop will challenge your thoughts and help you grow as an individual. We all tend to get “stuck” in old thoughts and self-limiting beliefs. We want to help you get the most out of life. We will teach you the necessary elements needed to empower you to reach your full potential as a real estate investor and as a person.

We decided to prove that you can flip houses and do it with Honesty, Integrity, Character, and Class

Most would agree that some of the most important things in life are love, family, health, happiness, faith, and time on this earth. Money doesn’t create any of those, but it is a necessity. We will teach you how to build a business that you own, but that doesn’t own you, so you can enjoy the things that matter most.

Seeing the joy of a new member’s success, whether it’s completing their first flip, buying their first rental, or implementing the systems they need to grow their existing business is the fuel that drives our passion every day.

Thank you for being here on our site and getting to know us a little better. We hope to get to know you better at the next Home Flipping Workshop.

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