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Glenn and Amber Schworm are helping everyday people live their best life through real estate investing. The couple run a successful home flipping business and teach others to find, fund and flip houses during their intensive three-day Home Flipping Workshops.

Former student, turned real estate investor, Kristin Delves attended the Schworm’s workshop in February and is set to close on her first flip. “Well my biggest fear before I went to the workshop was how am I going to fund the project and I learned a lot from the workshop on how to do that,” Delves said.

Delves, who is from Central New York, took what she learned and purchased a gold mine for her first flip. The home, in Marcellus, was banked owned, completely gutted and free of mold. She’s expecting a profit of $44,000.

Glenn said finding a home completely gutted, like Delves did, is not necessary. As long as you buy the house right and can put a little money into it, you’ll make money. Amber added that they teach students how to calculate all the numbers.

“We don’t just come to town, and then do our thing and then leave. We’re there to help and coach and guide provide the funding and show them where to find the houses and help that entire process.” Glenn said.

If you would like to attend Glenn and Amber’s three-day Home Flipping Workshop it’s happening Friday, Saturday and Sunday, September 27th through 29th, at the Sheraton on Syracuse University’s campus located at 801 University Avenue, Syracuse.

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