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Masters of Wealth Podcast with Johnny Wimbrey

Glenn and Amber Schworm are the very last word in power couple. As the owners of VestorPro, a real estate investing-based coaching company in New York, they’ve made it their mission to coach, lead, and develop the next generation of real estate developers. Their unique approach to coaching, materials, and tools come from years of personally and actively investing in real estate, but their passion is undeniable, and today on Masters of Wealth, they’re sitting down with Johnny together to celebrate their highs, reconsider their lows, and show Johnny why they never let their fear get in the way of their dream.

To find out more about Glenn and Amber, find them on Facebook at or check out their website at To learn more about Johnny and to hear more episodes of Masters of Wealth, follow him on Facebook at and check out his website at

Show Notes & Show Quotes:
11:20 (Johnny) – I believe that if I can teach you the principles of how to win in life, then you’re gonna win in anything you put your hands to, because your success begins within.
15:00 (Glenn) – It’s hard to see the road to happiness when you’re focused on paying that bill, or that mortgage, and you don’t have any money and you’re so focused, you can’t even focus on being happy and being the best version of yourself because you’re so consumed with money.
21:25 (Glenn) – We always get what we focus on. We focus on fear, we focus on lack, that’s what we get more of.
22:35 (Amber) – If you’re wanting to grow out of your goals and grow out of where you are now, you’re going to have that fear.
24:25 (Amber) – I think most people live their lives by their feelings rather than by their thoughts.
26:00 (Johnny) – The WORST thing you can do as an entrepreneur is be successful in your own eyes.
38:15 (Johnny) – Somebody can come to your class, they can come to your seminar, they can come to your workshop, and they can, on a part time basis, literally start buying their life back.
46:45 (Johnny) – I don’t want to die working – I want to die watching my work.

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