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What's more important, success or happiness?

Real-estate allows investors to experience the best of both worlds.


Which one is more important, success and happiness? They are intricately linked, and real estate offers investors the opportunity to achieve both.

“My parents always told me to work hard, so I worked my butt off,” Kabbie said. “I had all the money I needed but lost myself.”

He worked 70-80 a week, had no time for family or friends, experienced all work and no pleasure, and suffered from sleep deprivation and depression. 

“I started therapy,” he said. “My doctor told me that being a lawyer is bad for your mental health.

As a result, Kabbie reevaluated and redefined the American dream – after 14 years, he quit his job as an attorney. 

“The American dream can be a trap,” he said. “I want to create my dream of time and financial freedom.”

Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Finding a healthy balance between success and happiness became Kabbie’s ultimate ambition, and real estate investing offers him the best of both worlds. 

“I took several online real estate courses before I got recommended to VestorPro,” he explained. “Glenn and Amber are the real deal and flipping houses themselves.”

In March 2022, Kabbie completed the 3-day course at the Home Flipping Workshop and used all the resources provided by VestorPro to start flipping houses immediately. 

It was only 12 months later when he’d already completed two flips and closed on the loan for his 3rd deal. 

He made an initial offer of $420,000 on the property. Meanwhile, the market shifted, and his VestorPro coach, Maira Segal, helped him to renegotiate the first deal successfully:

First Flip Property

Purchase Price: $385,000
Renovation Expenses: $85,000
Final Selling Price: $540,000



SECOND Flip Property

Purchase Price: $410,000
Renovation Expenses: $173,000
Final Selling Price: $630,000



Kabbie partnered with his brother-in-law, Jonathan Apo, and started NW Legacy Homebuyers, LLC. 

“Before connecting with VestorPro, we did one flip,” he said. “And we lost about $40,000, but after joining VestorPro, we haven’t lost money since.”

Their goal is to average $50,000 per flip. Kabbie transitioned from his career as an attorney and became a full-time real estate investor in January 2023.

Now Jonathan, who works as a radiologist, and his wife, Mballu, who works as a nurse, both want to work less. 

“We are getting older, and we all want more freedom of time,” Kabbie said.

Kabbie knows more than most about balancing success and happiness because he’s experienced the pitfalls and progress firsthand. 

Chasing a Life of Passion and Purpose

After over four decades, he recently started learning a sense of self-identity regarding likes and dislikes.

Kabbie is a Sierra Leone, West Africa native whose name means “peacemaker.” And it has taken him a lifetime to find peace of mind using real estate investing.

As a child, he relocated to Raleigh, North Carolina, with his parents and two sisters. He attended undergrad in 2003 at the University of Washington and settled in Seattle.

“My parents both worked two jobs each and were never home,” Kabbie explained. “As a result, it strained our relationship, and we failed to establish a bond.”

He wants to build those connections with his children while they’re young. He says he seemed successful to onlookers, but spending time away from family was a dreadful personal disappointment.

Now Kabbie has time to volunteer as watchdog security at his kids’ school with the other dads.

“I could not have done this as a lawyer,” he said. “And my kids were excited and counting down the days – everything is different now.”

According to Kabbie, everything changed after he attended the Home Flipping Workshop:

Before Attending the Home Flipping Workshop:

  • We lost $40,000 in a real estate house flipping deal.
  • I didn’t have time for family.
  • I lost friendships because I worked too much.
  • I could have done better at having fun
  • I needed time to make meaningful memories.
  • Depressed and in therapy.
  • I was only known for my work.
  • I needed to learn how to make money without stress.

After Real Estate Investing with Glenn & Amber:

  • I planned a 2023 family summer vacation to Spain.
  • Mentally relaxed and financially stress-free.
  • I have free time to explore my likes and dislikes.
  • We’ve secured the general contractors needed to flip houses successfully.
  • We’ve received the scope of work for investing seamlessly.

“The documents that VestorPro provided are like gold,” Kabbie said. “Being a lawyer wasn’t my dream, but VestorPro allowed me to live the best of both worlds.”

Real estate investing has enabled him to build a bridge connecting success and happiness.

“This is the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life,” Kabbie said. “I wake every day doing what I want to do.”

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