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A Successful Journey To Becoming A Real Estate Investor

How Mark Is Rapidly Evolving as An Entrepreneur


Whether you are reaching for athletic success or financial independence, coaches can help professionals optimize performance, stay motivated, and achieve goals.

Mark is a 49-year-old entrepreneur who started building a business with Matco Tools distribution in 2005. His passion for financial independence drives him to accelerate to the next level.

“I don’t want to work for anybody,” Mark said. Financial independence is when individuals can meet their financial needs and goals without relying on external sources such as employment income or government assistance. There are several benefits of achieving financial independence, including:

  1. Flexibility and Freedom: Financial independence allows you to make choices based on personal preferences and values rather than being limited by financial constraints. It can allow you to pursue your passions, take risks, and create your desired lifestyle.
  2. Reduced Stress and Anxiety: When you are financially independent, you no longer have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck or struggling to make ends meet. It can significantly reduce stress and anxiety, allowing you to enjoy life and focus on other essential aspects of your well-being.
  3. Improved Quality of Life: Financial independence can also lead to an improved quality of life, as you can afford the things that matter most to you, such as travel, hobbies, and experiences.
  4. Retirement: Achieving financial independence early in life can also mean being able to retire earlier, which can lead to a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling retirement.
  5. Generational Wealth: Financial independence can also allow you to create generational wealth, providing opportunities for your children and future generations to achieve financial stability and success.

Overall, achieving financial independence can bring significant benefits to your life, including greater freedom, reduced stress, and the ability to pursue your passions and live your desired life.

The Right Training Makes The Difference

The Long Island, New York native relocated to Tamarac, Florida, east of Ft. Lauderdale, for five years before settling in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Upon relocating in 2005, he married his wife, Rachel, who works as a successful school teacher, and the couple has been raising their 13-year-old son, Brody. “I’ve always been interested in real estate investing,” Mark said. “Now it’s time to do it full-time.”

Perhaps Mark’s decision to switch entrepreneurial gears seems like a mid-life crisis to some. “But I’ve always loved real estate,” he explained. “And my wife supports everything I want to do.” Mark has evolved as an entrepreneur since graduating from Sachem High School North in 1991.

The next level of his process demanded that he find someone to show him the way, and that’s what he did with the Home Flipping Workshop. “When you buy courses, people always tell you something without telling you everything,” Mark said. “In November of 2022, I saw a free Facebook webinar. Afterward, I decided to pay $59 for the 3-day course.”

Mark explained that his previous real estate courses differed from the information Glenn and Amber Schworm offered.

Other courses paled in comparison.

“I loved it,” he said. “The amount of information that they give is unbelievable.”

He described Glenn and Amber using words like “real,” “down-to-earth,” and “believable.” “It’s not easy, but they laid it all out,” Mark explained. “They tell you what to do and what people to do it with.”

All while fulfilling his daily responsibilities as a Matco business owner, Mark continues to do the following:

  • Spend quality time with family,
  • Conduct research for his new real estate business,
  • Supporting his son’s Taekwondo matches,
  • Attending his son’s robotics exhibits
  • Communicating with VestorPro coaches
  • Coordinating family camping trips

“I’m burning the candle on both ends,” he said. “Business is demanding because I’m a one-man-show, and I based everything around my wife and son’s schedule.”

He aims to sell the Matco Tool Distribution business when he gains continued success with real estate investing. “I want to do 3-5 flips in the first year,” he said. “Eventually, I want to do real estate investing full-time.”

He said his goal is to duplicate everything the Schworms are doing and become the next Glenn and Amber.

How Quickly Can You Make Money After Training With VestorPro?

“Real Estate has been booming in Charlotte since I moved here,” Mark said. “Two months after completing the 3-day course, I found my first house on Facebook through a wholesaler and closed in January.” The house is 3-hour away from his residence and needed minor restoration.

Mark was eager to put his training to the test and gain the following results.

“It’s not a terrible deal considering how quickly I was able to get paid while still learning,” Mark said. His VestorPro coach referred him to a local REIA group, where he met private investors and a person who funded the flip.

“Finding the money was the easy part,” he said. “Finding the property is the hard part.”

Mark is putting everything he learned into play, initiating mailers to secure his next off-market deal. 

“It’s all about mindset,” he said. “You got to be aggressive and go out and get it because the market is ungodly competitive in the Charlotte area – but there are plenty of deals.”

Purchase Price: $299,000
Down Payment: $35,000
Renovation Expenses: $10,000
Fees: $15,200
Expected Selling Price: $380,000

Expected Profit:


Coaches Make Sure No Steps Are Missed

Coaches can be valuable for professionals for several reasons:

  1. Skill Development: Even professionals have room for improvement in their skills and techniques. A coach can identify areas for improvement, provide feedback, and help the athlete develop their skills further.
  2. Mental Preparation: Sports are about physical ability and mental toughness. A coach can help athletes prepare mentally for competition by providing strategies for dealing with pressure, setbacks, and other challenges.
  3. Accountability: A coach can help keep athletes accountable for their training and performance goals. Having someone to answer to can motivate an athlete to stay on track and strive for excellence.
  4. Strategy and Game Planning: A coach can guide strategy and game planning. It can include analyzing opponents, identifying weaknesses and strengths, and developing tactics to gain an advantage.
  5. Support and Encouragement: Professionals can benefit from emotional support and encouragement. A coach can provide this by building a positive relationship with the athlete and providing constructive feedback.

Coaches can help professionals optimize performance, stay motivated, and achieve goals. I’ve never had a coach, so at first, I was skeptical,” Mark said. “But my coaches have been my greatest asset.”

He explained that world-famous coaches have coaches; likewise, professional athletes have coaches.

VestorPro provided Mark with a peak performance coach and a real estate investing coach with over 20 years of industry experience.

“It’s draining running and starting a business simultaneously,” he said. “But my coaches help me to look at things in a different light, slow down, and rethink the process.”

Coaching and mentoring are part of the success strategy of VestorPro, and they help members at the Home Flipping Workshop accelerate their journey.

Human effort powers rowboats. In contrast, a jet boat is powered by a jet propulsion system, reaching speeds over 60-70 miles per hour. A jet boat is generally the fastest and most efficient way to travel on the water. Likewise, experts at the Home Flipping Workshop show real estate investors the quickest route to success.

Mark said, “My coaches have been priceless resources showing me that Glenn and Amber have thought out every little step.”

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