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Deep Diving Into Real Estate Investing

Learn How Everyday People Are Achieving Success In Real Estate

Instead of merely getting your feet wet, what if you could deep dive into real estate investing and gain accelerated success?

In 1994, at 17, Melnora relocated from the Philippines to San Francisco. The idea of becoming a real estate investor hadn’t entered her imagination. 

By age 45, she’d married Jose, given birth to 4 four boys, landed a 23-year career, and explored multiple business ventures before finally finding her niche. 

It took 28 years before she stumbled across the Home Flipping Workshop on Facebook.

Glenn and Amber Schworm always wanted to help people. So, when they proved that their home flipping model works, they started offering their successful formula in a 3-day course. 

Real estate investing is the best way for ordinary people to build wealth fast. Studies show that 93% of the wealthiest people in the world have made their money in real estate.

Finding The Perfect Way To Raise Capital And Passive Income

“My husband and I wanted to get into it for a long time but ended up doing other things,” Melnora said. They started and stopped three businesses.

“We started a retail business with goods from the Philippines, but we got burned with the overhead expenses, Melnora said.” Afterward, they started a mobile hotdog cart but experienced difficulties competing with illegal vendors. “We also started and stopped a handyman business,” she explained. “But it required too much time, marketing, and advertising.”

Melnora says she also made a $5,000 rookie real estate investor mistake before getting the VestorPRO training at the Home Flipping Workshop. “I purchased an unseen property, and it had unanticipated damages and debris,” she said. “The entire second floor needed an overhaul.”

Get The Right Training At The Home Flipping Workshop

After multiple attempts to earn capital as an entrepreneur, Melnora registered for the Home Flipping Workshop. She said Glenn and Amber show people how to use real estate investing to achieve their dreams.

They’ve flipped over 1000 houses and live debt-free using their self-made home-flipping formula. So, Melnora decided to try investing in real estate the proper way after learning how to find, fund, fix, flip, and hold properties using Glenn and Amber’s strategy.

“Before I joined Vestropro in July 2021, I attended a $50 one-day seminar and then attended the 3-day Home Flipping Workshop,” Melnora explained. “While visiting a friend, I fell in love with the city of St. Louis, and it’s too expensive for me to invest in California.”

Melnora and Jose refinanced their home to raise capital before learning about hard money lenders during the course.

She contacted a realtor who helped her navigate through 9 properties and connected her to a local contractor for distressed homes. “Based on my coaching from Chris at VestroPro, I applied the Home Flipping Workshop formula,” Melnora said. “I had no clue how the calculation worked until I got this training.”

She purchased a 3-story, 1,779 sq ft house for $150,100, invested $24,000 in the down payment, made $95,000 worth of renovations, and listed the property for $350,000.

“My goal is to make $80,000 – $100,000 on my first property,” she said. “The Home Flipping Workshop taught me the formula, how to find houses, and everything to look for in the deal.”



Purchase Price: $150,100
Renovation Expenses: $95,000
Listing Price: $350,000

Projected Profit:

$80,000 - $100,000

Finding Your Big Why And Chase Your Dreams

Melnora and Jose became real estate investors because they wanted to leave a legacy for their four sons.

For 30 years, Jose worked for a printing company, while Melnora invested 23 years into her career as a commercial real estate and construction insurance manager. Now Jose oversees the renovation process, coordinates with the contractor, purchases materials, and leverages discounts while working as a self-employed Uber driver.

VestorPro reignited their passion and put them on the proper path as real estate investors. “For the 1st two years, I want to fix and flip homes,” Melnora said. “Afterward, I want to do long-term rentals to build my capital and short-term rentals to create passive income.”

Melnora is an everyday woman with an extraordinary plan that includes chasing after her endgame of tax lien investments.

More importantly, real estate investing is a springboard allowing Melnora to return to the Philippines and help build her family business.

“We have a coconut farm there, and I want to help build that empire,” she explained. “It was amazing growing up there.”

She says the culture is different, the people are humble and polite, everybody wants to be successful through hard work with no shortcuts, and the cost of living is inexpensive. “I love the beach, and it keeps calling me back,” she said.

With 2,000 inhabited islands in the Philippines, Melnora is diving into real estate investing and building a home away from home to leave a legacy for her sons.

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