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Real Estate Investing Hot Seat Podcast with Brad Chandler

Glenn & Amber Schworm are the President and Vice President of Signature Home Buyers. Glenn and Amber are based in the Capital Region of Albany, NY. They build their business for their family. They have 4 kids between the ages of 3 and 18 and love to travel and live life to the fullest.
Glenn and Amber have over 25 years of experience starting, building, and growing successful businesses. When they decided to tackle the Real Estate Flipping world, their first goal was simply to get out of debt. One flip turned to 3 flips the next year, then 7, then 20, and now over 500 flips since 2008. With that experience under their belts, their focus is now on building a successful wholesale business, which is growing by the day.

What you’ll learn about this episode:

  • How Amber and Glen made $261,000 in wholesale fees in the last 8 weeks – more than they made all of last year
  • The way Amber and Glenn accidentally found themselves in the wholesale real estate market
  • Clarification on how the wholesaling process works
  • The difficulties involved in scaling when doing multiple renovations to get properties ready
  • How Amber lead the way and pushed them into doing more wholesale business
  • How they increased their average wholesale fee by 50%
  • How hiring a coach can drastically improve your business and your life
  • Why it makes sense to switch from rehabbing houses to wholesaling
  • The way Brad connected with Amber and Glenn to eventually become their coach
  • The importance of setting aside pride in order to absorb advice from someone more experienced
  • Glenn and Amber’s growing realization about the need to incorporate more online marketing into their process
  • Learning to become more efficient by streamlining all business processes
  • Why attorneys aren’t needed in some states for closings
  • Glenn and Amber’s plans to continue expanding their business over the next year
  • What type of business Glenn and Amber hope to evolve their model into at some point

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