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Rental Property Owner & Real Estate Investor Podcast with Brian Hamrick

Today we’re going to talk with a married couple, who together have weathered the ups & downs of real estate investing through good and difficult markets.

Back in 2007, Glenn and Amber Schworm owed $80,000 on their credit cards and had a family take care of. They turned to real estate investing just as the market began crashing.

Still, they persisted with their flipping and renovation business and have since helped others flip over 1,000 homes worth over $85 million dollars.

Glenn and Amber recently published their first book – “The Birth of the Everyday Real Estate Investor”. They’ve also managed to build teams and systems that allow them to treat their real estate as a business that requires very little of their time.

Find out more:

Find out more:

Today’s episode is brought to you by Green Property Management, managing everything from single family homes to apartment complexes in the West Michigan area.

And RCB & Associates, helping Michigan-based real estate investors and small business owners navigate the complex world of health insurance and Medicare benefits.

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